Travel Lighter: Meet the Electric Shaver with a Charging Case

What makes Braun's Series 9 Pro worth talking about –– by Gear Patrol Studios.

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Whether you’re jet-setting, visiting family and friends or taking meetings out of town, this electric shaver will change how you groom on the go.

Braun calls the Series 9 Pro "the world’s most efficient shaver," and for good reason. Exceptionally gentle and designed to cut through even seven-day beards, the Series 9 Pro ($360) is ultra-capable and designed for travel-ready reliability.

The new Series 9 Pro's secret weapon is the PowerCase, a case that protects and charges the shaver, giving it 50 percent extra battery runtime and allowing for up to six weeks of shaves between charges. This feature alone makes the Series 9 Pro one of the most travel-friendly grooming powerhouses we've seen – you're guaranteed a reliable shave anytime and anywhere, even on extended trips.

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The Backstory

Braun: Rooted in Research and Development

For over 100 years, Braun has innovated upon a wide range of products – from record players to pocket calculators – with its sophisticated brand of style and premium engineering. Its electric shavers are among its most iconic achievements and uphold a higher, more demanding standard. Having benefited from decades of R&D, they promise a consistently better everyday shave, in keeping with the Braun philosophy that "quality of life comes from ordinary things you can do exceptionally well, again and again."

Braun's newest Series 9 Pro offers a touch of luxury, even over previous Series 9 models, alongside the iconic German craftsmanship the brand is known for.

The Gist

So What Makes Braun’s Series 9 Pro a More Efficient Electric Shaver?

Compared to previous Series 9 shavers, the new Series 9 Pro's ProLift Trimmer shaves up to 10 percent faster and cuts through long, tough hairs with every stroke. Combined with Braun’s unique Sonic Technology, the ProLift Trimmer offers users a faster, smoother trim, too, thanks to the 10,000 cutting actions per minute.

The intelligent Series 9 Pro customizes itself to lock in an optimal shaving routine, slicing through beards of any density thanks to the combination of precision-engineered foils and Braun's Autosense technology. The former can cut hair down below a truly wild 0.05mm, while Autosense automatically adjusts the trimmer's power delivery to suit your beard's unique density. Additionally, an iconic, ergonomic handle allows for even pressure distribution with minimal effort, meaning the Series 9 Pro quickly glides across your skin's most sensitive points with ease.

Above all else, it's the PowerCase that takes a starring role. It allows users to shave for up to six weeks between charges and provides freedom from full charging cables and accessories when you need to pack light.

When you're at home base, the five-in-one clean and charge center tops off the Series 9 Pro battery and takes care of maintenance work. With the touch of a button, the comprehensive system automatically charges your device and selects the necessary program to hygienically clean, lubricate and dry your shaver.


Braun’s Series 9 Pro is a Great Electric Shaver to Take On the Go

Thanks to the PowerCase, it’s never been easier to travel with your electric shaver.

Finally, ditch bulky cords and chargers and rest assured that you're in for a clean shave – and plenty of charge – no matter the destination. Bring home Braun’s Series 9 Pro today (and bring it anywhere you need to go) to get a taste for a smoother, cleaner shave.

Price: $360


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