This guide to the best suits under $1,200 explores everything you need to know before you invest in your next suit, including construction methods, fabrics and customizable options. The suits are ordered by price for easy shopping.

In the past few decades, the dress code for the American workplace has lurched in a decidedly casual direction. Many offices swear by ‘Business Casual’ and jobs that do require suits are limited to specialized professionals — like lawyers or accountants — or sales positions.

Of course, this laid-back trend in business wear doesn’t signal the end of suiting; many occasions still warrant a well-tailored wardrobe. If your workplace doesn’t require a suit, it’s still a good idea to own a versatile fallback for nice dinners, weddings, conferences and job interviews. On the other hand, if your job does require a suit, it’s worth owning a few different options you can rotate through during the week.

Even a brief survey of men’s suiting can be overwhelming for the unprepared. Countless brands offer a bevy of variations padded with technical jargon and tailoring terms. While made-to-measure and bespoke suiting options cost thousands of dollars, you can find good-looking suits for less than $1,200. So, whether you are investing in a suit for the first time or just looking to round out your wardrobe, a calculated approach will, more often than not, yield a better result.

What to Look for

Before you start shopping, brush up on suiting terms, construction methods and fabric types.

First, narrow your price range into $500-and-under or $500-to-$1,200. There are major differences in quality and construction between the two categories, so it’s best to set your expectations before researching brands. While both of these categories exclude fully handmade construction, there are elements you can look for to ensure a quality suit. Look for options that utilize well-made fabrics. They should also have half-canvas or full-canvas interlinings. Suits with fused (glued) interlinings, while highly affordable, are rarely worth even a small investment.

Another element to consider is purchasing off-the-rack versus made-to-measure. If you decide to buy a stock suit, it would be well worth your money to invest in a few alterations to make the most of your investment. In the sub-$1,200 price range, a number of brands offer made-to-measure programs, altering a stock pattern to your specific measurements. While these suits boast a superior fit from the first wear, quality ranged from brand to brand. “If somebody wants to do [made-to-measure] they should go to a real tailor, not to a salesperson that just knows how to measure,” said Sam Wazin, a respected tailor in New York City. “A salesperson wants it to fit you — shoulders, sleeve length, waist and length in the pants — but a tailor thinks about the details.” Tailored suits sit at the upper end of the price range but offer the best fit and details for the money.

Before you start shopping, brush up on suiting terms, construction methods and fabric types. You’ll have a better idea of what you’re paying for and won’t be as easily swayed by fancy marketing jargon. Do your own research and try to get hands-on whenever possible. To save you time in your search for the ideal affordable suit, we compiled a list of the 10 best suits under $1,200 below.

Important Terms to Know

We explain everything from back vents to the differences between RTW and M2M.

Back Vents

These slits are cut into the back of a suit jacket. Traditionally, you will find a single vent that sits on the middle seam of the jacket or a double vent — the two slits offer mobility on either side of the torso.


This is the most expensive type of suit because a new pattern is created for the individual customer. Small nuances in their body are accounted for, and as such, the fit is often the best.

Functional Button Holes

This refers to the buttons on jacket cuffs actually being usable, not simply decorative. As a cost-cutting measure, many manufacturers will sew buttons on a sleeve where buttonholes are not open. If you have a jacket like this, a tailor can alter it to be functional.


The hemline of many suits is left unfinished and you need to have it tailored to your liking. First, you must decide if you want your trousers to have a slight break, a full break or no break. Trousers with no break stop around the ankle area (or higher) and don’t bunch up. Trousers with a slight break or medium break will hit the top of your shoes and slightly bunch on themselves. Trousers with a full break rest on top of your shoes and bunch up on themselves. If a trouser is unhemmed, you may also choose to have a cuff or no cuff (your choice here can complement your suit jacket).


The two flaps of fabric that sit beneath the collar of your suit jacket. They typically come in three different styles: notched, peak and shawl collar. A notched lapel has a triangular cut-out at the upper chest where the lapel meets the jacket collar. A peaked lapel is generally more formal. The lapel is wider than the jacket collar and forms a ‘peak’ where the two meet. Unlike the others, a shawl collar is typically only found on tuxedos and extends from the collar with no peak or notch.

Made to Measure

With this style of suit, a brand modifies its standard patterns to better suit the customer’s body. A customer’s measurements are sent to the manufacturer to produce the suit, and the result is much better fitting than ready-to-wear options.


The pockets on a suit jacket come in a range of styles that fit different settings. A jet pocket is a simple pocket sewn into the suit lining with an unadorned slit opening — it is the most formal. In a similar style, a flap pocket just adds an extra flap of fabric that hangs over the pocket opening. A welt pocket, similar to a jet pocket, is finished with an extra piece of fabric around the opening which reinforces the pocket. The most casual pocket is the patch pocket, sewn onto the exterior of the jacket like a patch would be.

Ready to Wear (RTW)

This refers to an off-the-rack suit that is not adjusted to your body’s measurements.

Trouser Seat and Rise

The seat of a trouser typically refers to the width and the rise refers to the distance between the crotch and the waistband. The rise dictates where your pants will sit between the waist and the hips.

How We Tested

suits hanging in a closet
Evan Malachosky

Suits from each brand were worn by our editors to assess several metrics. They were worn to the office, weddings, around town and to plenty of dinners, where they were tested for their durability, comfortability, formality, and, of course, whether they are equal in quality to the price paid. The best of these are represented here in our guide to the best suits under $1,200. In most cases, the suit comes together as a full set. Sometimes, though, you must buy both pieces separately. Those pieces are noted and linked to.

The Best Suits Under $500

Just because a suit is affordable doesn’t mean it has to look or feel cheap. In the sub-$500 price tier, you can find jackets with half-canvas constructions and fabrics from reputable mills in Italy, stretch-focused options from rent-to-own outfitters and even luxe linen suits from modern brands.

Suit Shop Navy Blue Suit


Suit Shop Navy Blue Suit

  • Slim fit is flattering for most folks

  • Synthetic materials used give the suit a slight sheen
  • Materials: 38% recycled poly, 38% poly, 19% rayon, 5% spandex
  • Care: Dry clean only

    Sure, the $199 price tag might raise some red flags — "is this site a scam?" for example — but Suit Shop's selections are very real. This one is made from a mix of recycled polyester, polyester, spandex and rayon, with tight, tailored shoulders and straight-fit pants. But you can customize the suit to your liking by picking your fits, slim or modern, as well as your lengths, short or regular. Be warned, though, the pants come with an unfinished hem. You'll have to sew them yourself or make a trip to a tailor.

        Buck Mason Carry-On Suit


        Buck Mason Carry-On Suit


        • Wrinkle resistant, which means you can pack it or wear it on a plane

        • Jacket is a little boxy
        • Materials: 97% cotton, 3% spandex
        • Care: Machine washable on cold

          Sold as separates, Buck Mason's Carry-On Suit comes in four colors and alpha sizing, aka XS-XXL. And although it's made from 5.5 oz cotton twill, there's plenty of stretch courtesy of added spandex. That makes this an ideal, hence the name, suit for traveling, commuting or casual (yet semi-formal) lunches, dinners or dates. It does, however, have a slightly modern fit, meaning it's a little short in sleeves and kind of chore coat-ish. You'll have to buy both parts separately — here's the jacket, and here are the pants — but they work best together. The pants, however, are basically chinos and pair well with hoodies and T-shirts.

          buck mason
          Evan Malachosky

          They run big, too, but there's an internal drawstring that helps you adjust them until you find your perfect fit. Our tester found the suit to be super-casual, which is why they dubbed it "the ideal suit for getting back into the groove of wearing a suit." They've even worn it with a hoodie for a dressed-up-meets-dressed-down kind of look.

          Real our full review of the Buck Mason Carry-On Suit.

              Alton Lane Holt Dove Grey Performance Suit


              Alton Lane Holt Dove Grey Performance Suit


              • This classic grey color suits most settings

              • High stretch might feel odd for someone used to traditional suits
              • Materials: 66% wool, 28% polyester, 6% elastane
              • Care: Dry clean only

                With its Holt Dove Grey Performance Suit, Alton Lane combines the comfort of performance fabrics with the formality of something more traditional. This option is soft to the touch and stretchy once on but polished and put together just the same. Plus, you can customize your fit to your unique body shape using the brand's proprietary online fitting tool. It's comprehensive and capable of capturing your true size, even if it differs wildly from top to bottom.

                Read our full review of the Alton Lane Made-to-Measure experience.

                Alex Mill Linen Mercer Suit


                Alex Mill Linen Mercer Suit


                • Parts can be worn as separates

                • Comes across as a little too casual for weddings and such
                • Materials: 100% linen
                • Care: Dry clean only

                  The Alex Mill Mercer Suit, comprising the linen Mercer Blazer and the linen Standard Pleated Pants, is definitely one of the more casual suits on this list. Alex Mill styles them separately a lot of the time, but they totally can, and should, be worn together, but you get the added versatility of two parts that can work on their own, too. Both are made from a mix of cotton and linen, which makes it soft yet comfortable and traditional yet plenty modern. Each comes in two different colors, too: navy and flax.

                  alex mill
                  Evan Malachosky

                  Our tester found the blazer fit well through the shoulders, across the chest and down the arms, but it runs short, hitting the hips more like a trucker jacket than a blazer, which usually covers the rear and hangs over both hip pockets. This makes it ideal with jeans, worn casually to a birthday dinner, our tester found, but it doesn't look polished enough for a traditional office space. The smaller, pointed lapels make quite the statement, though, our tester says, a feature not found on most affordable jackets.

                      Indochino Hereford Cavalry Twill Suit


                      Indochino Hereford Calvary Twill Suit


                      • Half-canvas construction proves lightweight but still molds to the wearer's body over time
                      • Customization tool is easy to follow even for novice shoppers
                      • Materials: 100% wool
                      • Care: Dry clean only

                        Featuring a half-canvas construction, this suit is made with a midweight Super 110s wool fabric (which is breathable enough for everyday wear). With Indochino’s array of customization options, you can have this suit your way and fine-tune details from the lining to the number of vents to half-canvas or unstructured constructions and more. Though Indochino’s range of fabrics is extensive, this one is just plain black.

                            Pangaia Organic Cotton Oversized Suit


                            Pangaia Organic Cotton Oversized Suit


                            • Sustainably made

                            • Oversized fit isn't for everyone
                            • Materials: 100% organic cotton
                            • Care: Dry clean only

                              If the rest of these suits are too blasé for your taste, try Pangaia's Organic Cotton Oversized Suit on for size. It comes with a roomy, modern fit, but the shoulders are emphasized for traditional flair. Needless to say, this still looks like a suit, even though it's made from organic cotton and comes in three statement-making colors: black, bright green and powerful pink.

                                  Black Lapel Wool Custom Suit


                                  Black Lapel Wool Suit


                                  • Black Lapel offers quality at an affordable price

                                  • Customization tool isn't as easy to follow as Indochino's
                                  • Materials: 100% wool
                                  • Care: Dry clean only

                                    This dark-blue suit is cut from versatile wool. Like Indochino, Black Lapel allows customers to customize their suit and get a made-to-measure style for under $500. Choose from one-button, two-button and three-button closures. Pick between notch and peak lapels (in normal or slim cuts). Choose your vent and pocket styles. Black Lapel offers a range of other custom options, including the inner jacket lining, pant cuffs and pleats. For the price, it represents a highly customizable suit.

                                        Suitsupply Napoli Suit


                                        Suit Supply Mid Blue Napoli Suit

                                        Suit Supply

                                        • This best-selling suit looks good on almost everyone

                                        • Padded shoulders offer a more defined shape but this isn't as desirable of a feature as it used to be
                                        • Materials: 100% wool
                                        • Care: Dry clean only

                                          When it comes to contemporary suits with solid construction at an even more impressive price point, Suitsupply’s one of the first names to come up. Its Napoli Suit comes in a variety of fabrics and this one, super 110s navy wool woven by an Italian mill that’s been in business since 1968, is a perfect four-season option. The jacket features half-canvas construction with a lightly padded shoulder, a notch lapel, two-button closure and flap pockets. The trousers feature a flat front, zip-fly and hook and bar closure.

                                              The Best Suits Under $1,200

                                              When buying a suit, you’ll find a number of benefits to increasing your budget. Most notably, you have access to full-canvas jackets and top-tier fabrics. At the upper end of the price tier, you’ll also have higher-quality construction in countries like Canada and Portugal. While the sub-$1,000 price point is not enough to access bespoke suiting, you can take advantage of made-to-measure programs from a variety of brands.

                                              J.Crew Kenmare Suit


                                              J.Crew Kenmare Suit


                                              • The fit is the perfect reintroduction to getting dressed up

                                              • Feels slightly underbuilt
                                              • Materials: 100% cotton
                                              • Care: Dry clean only

                                                J.Crew's suiting has been popular for years — its Ludlow suiting has been seen on everyone from fresh-out-of-uni businessmen to grooms and even on Prince Harry, and it ranks atop our top suits under $1,200 guide (see below). In today’s landscape, though, the slim cut of the Ludlow isn't for everyone. J.Crew recognized the need for something more easy-wearing and casual, so it developed the Kenmare. The fit drapes more naturally than the Ludlow and has a much more lived-in, comfortable feel right from the jump, our tester says, who wore a Ludlow suit in not one, but two weddings in college.

                                                j crew kenmare suit
                                                Will Porter

                                                The suit looks great over a tee with some New Balance 991s and a ballcap, our tester proves, but also holds its own with a button-down oxford shirt and sweater vest. As opposed to dreading the dressing up process, you’ll want to wear the Kenmare out for a cocktail on a Friday night or to a friend’s weekly dinner party — both of which they've done in the Kenmare in the past two months. It fit them right off the rack and they took my normal size, which was a breath of fresh air in suiting, especially when it’s a suit meant to be worn casually. They're sold separately, though, but can easily be ordered together: here's the jacket, and here are the pants.

                                                    J.Crew Ludlow Suit

                                                    Best Affordable Suit for Men

                                                    J.Crew Ludlow Slim-Fit Suit


                                                    • A timeless suit with proper proportions
                                                    • Can be tried on at just about any J.Crew store
                                                    • Colors are updated annually

                                                    • Runs a little slim
                                                    • Materials: 100% wool
                                                    • Care: Dry clean only

                                                      First introduced in 2008, J.Crew’s Ludlow suit is a timeless design fit for a range of occasions. This version is cut from 100 percent wool fabric from one of Italy's most storied mills. The jacket features a notch lapel, two-button closure, double vent and partial lining. It has a trim silhouette that is slimming without feeling overly trendy. Like many affordable options, it’s made overseas, but the fabric and fit set it apart from most competitors. The jacket ($425) and pants ($225) are sold separately.

                                                      j crew ludlow
                                                      Evan Malachosky

                                                      Our tester has owned theirs since at least 2015, making it nearly 10 years old. It's withstood the test of time, though, and remains a go-to. It fits well — it might even be a little big now; despite the typical trend, our tester wore a bigger size back then than they do now. That means it'll need tailored soon if they ever plan to wear it more regularly, but it works as is overtop a sweater or another bulkier, textured shirt.

                                                      The Italian fabric feels super-fine, our tester says, and the pants fit really well. They're the perfect width at the opening, they explain, to be worn with both loafers and lace-ups.

                                                          Proper Cloth Allen Suit


                                                          Proper Cloth Allen Black Wool Suit


                                                          • Merino wool is anti-odor

                                                          • There's a slight sheen to this suit
                                                          • Materials: 100% merino wool
                                                          • Care: Dry clean only

                                                            Proper Cloth is another made-to-measure brand that’s built its success on its level of customization, user-friendly website and quality details. Their Allen Suit comes in a variety of notable fabrics, but this version comes in a more adventurous navy pinstripe wool fabric from the storied Italian mill Vitale Barberis Canonico. While the jacket and pants come with a near-endless array of customizable options, we like the Bedford option which features half-canvas construction, a lightweight chest canvas and no shoulder padding for a more natural silhouette.

                                                                Ted Baker Jay Trim Wool Fit Suit


                                                                Ted Baker Jay Trim Fit Wool Suit


                                                                • Fully lined for better weight

                                                                • Lining will get hot in summer settings
                                                                • Materials: 100% wool
                                                                • Care: Dry clean only

                                                                  Fully lined but only half canvas-constructed, Ted Baker's Jay Trim Wool Fit is made in Canada from 100 percent Italian wool. It can be dry cleaned only, and it features a two-button front and notched lapels.

                                                                      Hart Schaffner Marx New York Classic Fit Suit


                                                                      Hart Schaffner Marx New York Classic Fit Suit


                                                                      • Heritage brand offers a classic take on affordable suiting

                                                                      • Some might view them as too classic
                                                                      • Materials: 99% wool, 1% elastane
                                                                      • Care: Dry clean only

                                                                        Hart Schaffner Marx is a great entry point for anyone looking for a solid suit made in the States. And they should know, they’ve been in business since the 1800s. The New York fit features a tastefully slim silhouette with half-canvas construction floating chest piece. It has added 1 percent elastane for subtle stretch, which offers less of a synthetic feel than it does mobility.

                                                                        Todd Snyder Italian Cotton Twill Madison Suit

                                                                        Todd Snyder

                                                                        Todd Snyder Italian Cotton Twill Madison Suit

                                                                        $548.00 (39% off)

                                                                        • Comes with a garment bag that is actually reusable

                                                                        • Requires a trip to the tailor for a proper fit
                                                                        • Materials: 60% cotton, 40% wool
                                                                        • Care: Dry clean only

                                                                          Coming in at just under $900, the Italian Cotton Twill Madison suit from Todd Snyder ekes its way into the under $1,200 category (even with tax). The suit toes the line between affordable and expensive, but as one would expect, you are getting a ton of quality from the American designer at a reasonable price point, our tester says.

                                                                          The cotton twill has some heft but is cool to the touch, they found, meaning that in addition to being a fall and spring workhorse, it’ll be perfectly suited for summer wear with a linen shirt and some loafers. The Todd Snyder website states that the suit fits small and our tester can confirm that assessment — you’ll want to go one size up in both the jacket and the pants, but if you’re worried about sizing, fear not, that’s what a tailor is for. Odds are high you won’t be able to rock this one off the rack, but if you spend $1,000 on a suit, what’s another hundred to really make it look good?

                                                                              Polo Ralph Lauren Wool Twill Suit


                                                                              Polo Ralph Lauren Polo Wool Twill Suit


                                                                              • Hand-sewn construction lends a custom-made touch

                                                                              • Wool twill isn't the softest material
                                                                              • Materials: 100% wool
                                                                              • Care: Dry clean only

                                                                                Ralph Lauren’s Wool Twill Suit highlights the brand’s impeccable silhouettes and tailoring. If you don’t have a navy or charcoal suit in your wardrobe, this one, with its hand-sewn shoulders, half-canvas construction and trousers with side-adjuster tabs, is a good one to consider.

                                                                                    Bonobos Premium Italian Wool Suit


                                                                                    Bonobos Premium Italian Wool Suit

                                                                                    $300.00 (70% off)

                                                                                    • This is Bonobo's upper echelon

                                                                                    • For the price, there are probably better options
                                                                                    • Materials: 100% wool
                                                                                    • Care: Dry clean only

                                                                                      You can shop Bonobos' Premium Italian Wool Suit as separates or one piece. They set the total price at a fair $1,000 dollars, which is well worth it considering its construction, fit and customizability. You choose the color, size and fit of both your blazer and your pants.

                                                                                          Wazin Made-to-Measure Suit


                                                                                          Wazin Made-to-Measure


                                                                                          • Custom suit for a ready-to-wear price

                                                                                          • Process isn't as easy as SuitSupply's, for example, or Indochino's
                                                                                          • Materials: 100% wool
                                                                                          • Care: Dry clean only

                                                                                            Starting at $1,000, this suit offers the best quality for its features. The fully canvassed suit is made to measure in Midtown Manhattan. The process requires one fitting and up to six weeks to complete, but the results are notably better than made-to-measure suits produced overseas. You’re paying for the reputable eye of tailor Sam Wazin and the small details like a slightly curved welt chest pocket. The only catch — you have to visit New York City to take advantage of Wazin’s craft.

                                                                                                Brooks Brothers Regent Plaid 1818 Suit


                                                                                                Brooks Brothers Regent Fit Plaid 1818 Suit

                                                                                                Brooks Brothers

                                                                                                • Made in the USA
                                                                                                • You can get a second suit for only $500 more
                                                                                                • Materials: 100% wool
                                                                                                • Care: Dry clean only

                                                                                                  Brooks Brothers holds the title of oldest American fashion brand as well as the first to introduce ready-to-wear to America. It's a quintessentially American brand that shaped the country’s style since its founding in 1818. This suit comes from the brand’s premier 1818 collection and is made in the U.S. with Italian wool fabric, full Italian canvas construction and handsewn armholes for better fit and range of motion. The Regent fit is a trim-but-not-too-trim silhouette with structured shoulders and comes with classic, flat-front trousers.

                                                                                                      Understanding Construction

                                                                                                      Want to know whether you need half-canvas or full? Find out here.


                                                                                                      In order to produce more affordable suit jackets, brands sometimes glue a fusible interlining to the fabric of the suit. This is far less expensive than hand-stitching a canvas inside the jacket and does help to keep the jacket’s shape. Over time, though, the interlining can become unstuck, giving the jacket an appearance of bubbling or rippling. This jacket also won’t conform to your body over time like jackets with traditional horsehair canvases, and it is less flexible in day-to-day wear.

                                                                                                      Half Canvas

                                                                                                      In this style of construction, a fusible interlining runs the length of the coat, but the material is stitched to a canvas that covers the chest and extends to the top of the pockets. This partial canvassing gives the jacket a more natural shape that helps it age.

                                                                                                      Full Canvas

                                                                                                      The full-canvas construction relies on a canvas that runs the entire length of the jacket. The fabric is stitched directly to the canvas and the jacket will move with you as you wear it. It will also age more gracefully than fused or half canvas styles because canvas distributes tension at stress points like the shoulders and chest and allows the suit to breathe.

                                                                                                      Unconstructed or Unstructured

                                                                                                      As the name implies, this jacket has no interlining. It is the most casual type of construction. It is not designed to hang like a traditional suit jacket and the outer fabric conforms to your body and drapes naturally.

                                                                                                      What You Need to Know About Fabrics

                                                                                                      It's important to consider the season in which you're wearing said suit.


                                                                                                      Consider the setting and time of year you will wear a particular suit when considering fabric weight. Lightweight fabric, between seven and nine ounces per square yard, are typically worn in warm climates and summer weather. Mid-weight fabric, normally around 11 to 12 ounces, is good for the majority of the year in a range of climates. Heavyweight fabrics, though rare at 14 to 19 ounces, are made for colder climates and winter wear.


                                                                                                      Wool is the most common suiting fabric because it is breathable, versatile and wrinkle-free. It can be blended with a range of other fibers including cashmere, silk, cotton and linen to produce different textures. Worsted wool, made from fibers that have been combed to ensure uniformity in the spinning process, is also common in suits. Labels like Super 100s, 140s, 160s or 180s denote the number of times the worsted wool has been twisted when it’s made. Generally, the higher the number, the lighter and smoother the cloth.


                                                                                                      Another popular fabric for suiting, cotton is breathable but wrinkles and creases more easily than wool. These fabrics are great for more casual settings and are appropriate for unconstructed jackets.


                                                                                                      Lightweight and breathable, this fabric is great for tropical temperatures. Like cotton, linen wrinkles easily, so it is best utilized in a casual setting.


                                                                                                      Incredibly soft and very breathable, cashmere is a luxury fabric when used on its own. Many brands incorporate cashmere into blends to soften the feel while not inflating the price tag.


                                                                                                      Silk is naturally breathable, temperature regulating and durable. While not often used on its own, it adds a soft touch along with the aforementioned qualities when applied to a blend.


                                                                                                      This synthetic fiber is inexpensive and used in a variety of suits at low prices. It doesn’t breathe well and wrinkles more easily than wool. Many brands try to split the difference and use a wool-poly blend to incorporate some of the benefits of wool into an inexpensive fabric.

                                                                                                      How to Take Care of a Suit

                                                                                                      Ordering the suit is only half the battle.


                                                                                                      It's important to store your suit inside of a garment bag — and ideally one that isn't clear. While clear garment bags still protect against moths, they bags leave your suit exposed to sunlight, which can slowly change its appearance over time. Not only should the suit stay in a dark area, but it should be cool, too. Humidity can cause mildew.

                                                                                                      For more tips and tools for storing your most precious garments, visit our guide to treating your closet like a collection.

                                                                                                      Before and After Wearing It

                                                                                                      You should steam your suit before and after you wear it out. You do it before to remove wrinkles, but that's also why you do it after wearing it. If you're sitting for a long time at a convention or a wedding, you'll earn more than a few wrinkles. It's important to remove them after wearing the suit — even if it's the morning after — so they don't settle in.

                                                                                                      midsection of doctor using mobile phone
                                                                                                      Viorel Kurnosov / EyeEmGetty Images

                                                                                                      New to steaming? Learn how to steam and iron in our easy-to-follow how-to guide.