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The 13 Best Slip-On Shoes to Wear This Summer

From sneakers to penny loafers, huaraches and more, these are our favorite slip-on shoes.

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On business trips, casual getaways or relaxed days at home, an unlikely hero can save you time: the slip-on. From low-top sneakers to loafers and driving shoes, the footwear market has a wide range of easy-on, easy-off options for every style. So take it easy, and don’t get caught wasting your precious time with — gasp — laces.

Vans Classics Slip-On

The classic Vans Slip-On comes with a durable canvas upper. The style features an EVA insert for comfort, a gum rubber outsole and an added collar.

Buy Now: $50

GH Bass & Co. Larson Weejuns

When you think of penny loafers, it’s probably a pair of Weejuns that comes to mind. From the brand that introduced the style to the States, the Weejun is handsome as ever and sits at a great price point.

Buy Now: $110

Castañer Pablo Suede Espadrilles

A summer staple with origins in Spain and France, the espadrille feels right with a pair of billowy trousers à la The Talented Mr. Ripley. Castañer has been making its timeless espadrilles for nearly a century and it doesn’t get more classic than this: jute midsoles, soft suede uppers and comfy crepe outsoles.

Buy Now: $155

Malibu Latigo

Malibu takes a conscious approach to its huarache-hybrid sandals which have caught the attention of vegan-advocates and style enthusiasts alike. The intricately woven vegan leather uppers are affixed to a thick, natural crepe rubber sole and ergonomic footbed for a cush stride.

Buy Now: $175

Unmarked Otzi Sandals

There’s nary a sandal more rugged and badass as Unmarked’s Otzi Sandals. With premium leather uppers, durable stitchdown construction and a killer ripple sole, you’d be able to take on TSA as easily as the hiking trail.

Buy Now: $180

Sabah Slip-Ons

Made in Turkey, these slip-ons are based on traditional styles from the country. Available in a range of leathers, the style features a rubber sole, leather lining and sewn construction.

Buy Now: $195

Frye Chris Venetian Slip-On

This sleek slip-on has a waxed suede upper. The style features a leather sole, a rubber heel and lightly cushioned leather footbed for added comfort.

Buy Now: $223

Quoddy Sport Penny

This moc-toe loafer has a full-grain leather upper and Vibram camp sole. Available in nine colors, the style is built with True Moccasin construction for added durability and comfort.

Buy Now: $275

Rancourt Beefroll Loafer LH

Genuine mocassin construction is what Rancourt does best and its Beefroll Loafer would undoubtedly be spotted in an Ivy-dripped mood board. The unlined Chromexcel leather will age beautifully and mold to your foot while the lactae hevea crepe soles make these beefy stompers a breeze to step into.

Buy Now: $305

Yuketen One Piece Cordovan Slip-On

These bit loafer slip-ons are made in Maine from Horween flesh-out leather. They feature a True Moccasin construction and a natural rubber camp sole.

Buy Now: $380

Viberg Slipper

This wholecut slipper is made in Canada from milkshake calf suede. Lined with kip, the young hide of an animal, the style features a Goodyear welt construction, a dovetail heel and a leather sole.

Buy Now: $490

Alden Leisure Handsewn Suede Penny Loafer

Alden’s Leisure Handsewn is one of the most comfortable shoes on this list, thanks to the incredulously supple suede that’s forgone its lining for a highly pliable, lightweight and breathable shoe. But that light-footed approach doesn’t mean they’ve cut corners on quality.

Buy Now: $577

Gucci Roos Horsebit Loafers

It’s hard to understate the elegance and classic taste of the Gucci horsebit loafer. It’s carved into canon among equally-deserving slip-ons like the penny loafer and tassel loafer, but distinct for its flashy hardware.

Buy Now: $690

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