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These Lightweight Summer Jeans Won’t Make You Break a Sweat

With Kiya Babzani, Scott Morrison and Todd Barket.

Self Edge

In the warm-weather months, you don’t need to forgo wearing denim, you just need to invest in a lighter-weight jean. Commonly, denim used for jeans weighs between 12 and 16 ounces per yard, with more rugged fabrics trending towards the 20 oz mark. Lightweight denim — typically under 12 oz — is not only easier to break in, it’s more comfortable for hot weather. Now, many brands are making great jeans in summer-appropriate weights, so we asked three style experts which ones to buy this season.

Sugar Cane and Stevenson Overall Co. Jeans

“When looking for a lightweight jean you don’t need to sacrifice quality or how a fabric will age over time. Over the past few years, we’ve seen some of the top denim lines create original fabrics which were designed with warmer climates in mind. A couple of my favorites and some of the models which our clients love the most are the Sugar Cane 2009 jean, the Sugar Cane 2014 jean (slim-tapered) and the Stevenson 727 La Jolla jean. Between those three you have various fits and also a black pair for those that want a black jean with tonal stitching.” — Kiya Babzani, Co-Owner of Self Edge

Buy Now: $199 (Sugar Cane 2009)Buy Now: $210 (Sugar Cane 2014)Buy Now: $315 (Stevenson)

3×1 Weston XX336 Jean

“Having a lighter weight jean for warmer weather is essential, as nothing is worse than sitting sweaty in a heavyweight denim. My recommendation for the spring and summer months is our three-season nine-ounce selvedge denim from Kaihara, Japan. The Weston XX336 is crafted from lightweight, Supima cotton, which uses one of the longest cotton staples in the world. This ELS (extra-long staple) cotton is woven into a super soft, brushed-back selvedge denim which is both pajama-like in feel, yet breathable. The yarn character on this jean is as authentic as it gets, and like all 3×1 jeans, it was designed, sewn, washed and hand finished right here in the USA.” — Scott Morrison, Founder of 3×1

Buy Now: $365

Chimala 13.5 Ounce Selvedge Denim Used Ankle Cut

“We didn’t bring a ton of new denim in for summer. But, we all are into the Chimala ankle cut. We think it’s all about going big and cropped denim, so this does both things. Plus, it’s a lighter weight jean. This is the only jean you need for the summer months ahead.” — Todd Barket, Cofounder of Unionmade

Buy Now: $529

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