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The Best Winter Denim Fit for Subzero Temperatures

Jeans may be timeless, but not every pair is seasonless.


There are hardly any garments more ubiquitous than a pair of jeans. Built to handle the most rigorous of rigors, a solid pair of denim five-pocket dungarees can withstand everything from construction sites to fashion scrutiny. Maybe that’s why people still wear them almost 150 years after its invention. As pervasive as the pants are, however, you’d find it difficult to spot a pair in the dead of winter.

If you can’t stand to part with blue jeans even through the gelid gauntlet of snow and ice, don’t worry. We’ve scoured the store shelves in search of winter-appropriate jeans so you can continue gathering #sickfadez even through subzero temps so you don’t end up like this.

Uniqlo HeatTech Slim-Fit Jean

For those of us who somehow haven’t heard of Uniqlo’s miracle fabric, HeatTech, I will presume you are frozen and dead. The rest of us who’s bodies are still flowing with warm, liquid blood, you should know that Uniqlo also makes jeans with HeatTech built right into them.

BUY NOW: $50

Levi’s Warm Jeans

The brand synonymous with the blue jean does make a pair of winter-friendly jeans. The denim giant uses a cotton-polyester blend to warm up its jeans, which it makes in the popular 511 slim fit as well as the tapered 502 fit. It’s the classic five-pocket with a toasty twist.

BUY NOW: $70+

L.L. Bean Mountain Town Jeans

Any one of L.L. Bean’s flannel-lined jeans would’ve made complete sense in this list. But, if we’re gonna give just them one spot, we’re going with their Mountain Town jeans. It starts with a tough-as-nails Cordura blend denim constructed with durable triple-needle stitching throughout the jean. But it ends with supreme comfort thanks to the touch of Lycra and the teddy-soft fleece lining. And while flipping the cuff will certainly let people know how comfy you are, the reflective detailing will leave them with no doubt, even in pitch darkness.

BUY NOW: $100

Naked & Famous Cashmere Stretch Blend Denim

How do you make raw denim warm and sumptuous? Add cashmere and brush the inside of the fabric.

BUY NOW: $218

RRL Straight Fit Lined Jean

If the previous options all sound a little too tech-forward, RRL’s winter-appropriate jeans have some old school heat to satisfy your denim desires. Based on a 1930s jean from Ralph Lauren’s personal collection, these feature vintage details like a cinch back, offset center belt loop and handset chainstitch construction all in a rigid indigo denim that’s warmed up with a check chamois lining.

BUY NOW: $295

Tender Wide Jeans in Ryeland Wool

While RRL’s jeans step back into the 1930s, Tender’s jeans take another step further. Inspired by antique workwear of the British Steam Age, Tender’s jeans feature details you won’t see on other traditional five-pocket jeans, namely the overtly square rear pockets and ‘snob’s thumb’ pocket at the waist. They make their jeans in a variety of esoteric fabrics and their Ryeland wool version brings the warmth of one of England’s oldest sheep breeds to this superfluous jean, if you can even really call it that.

BUY NOW: $441

Iron Heart 25oz. Selvedge Denim

One way to keep your denim-loving legs warm is to surround them with heavyweight denim. Infamous for their over-the-top heavyweight jeans, Iron Heart 25-ounce selvedge denim weighs twice as much as your average pair of 501’s.

BUY NOW: $450

RRL Slim Fit Indigo Suede Pant

If we’re gonna break our own rule about one product per brand, it’d better be for a good reason. RRL’s pass? These jeans made of indigo-dyed suede. They’re hot in every sense of the word.

BUY NOW: $1800

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