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6 Lightweight Jeans You Can Totally Wear All Summer Long

Summer-friendly renditions on the classic five-pocket jean.


As hot as summer gets, some people still won’t go out without wearing a pair of jeans. But diehard denimheads don’t have to suffer through the intense heat, baking in their blue jeans. There are plenty of stylish jeans out there catered toward keeping it cool all summer long. Emphasizing lighter-weight denim, these jeans shed the weight to make a for a breezier experience. Typically, most garden-variety blue jeans will use denim that weighs about 12 to 16 ounces per square yard. Some serious jeans even push the limits and tip the scales well past that, packing on the ounces to the twenties. A few have even strived to make jeans using denim that weighs a full 32 ounces per square yard. That’s two pounds. For reference, that is quite literally like wearing a rug.

While some jeans go for denim below that 12-ounce threshold, others take into account other factors like the weave of a denim as well as materials. If you want to keep extra cool, giving your legs some breathing room with a looser pair of jeans also helps. There are plenty of summer-friendly jeans on the market and here are our picks for the ones you should consider.

Uniqlo Stretch Selvedge Slim-Fit Jeans

You’d be searching for a while if your jeans criteria included selvedge denim and a budget of just $50. Thankfully, Uniqlo’s cut that search short. Though you could always opt for the obvious indigo jeans, you can slip into a pair of white jeans to keep extra cool through summer. The updated fit is a clean slim silhouette that includes a touch of stretch.

Buy Now: $50

L.L. Bean Signature Linen/Cotton Five Pocket Pants

While the Bean might not call these jeans, we’re still including it in this list. Even though they don’t come in the traditional indigo dye we expect of a classic pair of jeans, they do have the requisite five-pocket design. The denim in question is a breezy blend of 55-45 blend of linen and cotton, which gives them the texture we expect from a pair of jeans, but with better breathability.

Buy Now: $75 $65

Left Field 12.5oz Collect Mills Banana Denim

Made in New York, Left Field’s summer-ready jeans aren’t just lightweight — they’re made with bananas. The fabric is a Japanese selvedge denim with a unique blend of cotton and banana fibers which give the fabric a super soft hand as well as an interesting neppy texture. They’re great for the hot months and will develop a gorgeous patina that’s rich in texture.

Buy Now: $130

Naked & Famous Island Blue Stretch Selvedge Jeans

At just 9.5 ounces, these jeans are among the lightest jeans out there. That makes them also one of the best for summer. They’re made with a touch of stretch, in a ’70s-inspired bright blue indigo tone. Other details include selvedge coin pocket, button fly and soft leather patch.

Buy Now: $153

3sixteen ST-122x Slim Tapered Lightweight Shadow Jeans

Denim brand 3sixteen is lauded for its well-built jeans and beautiful fabrics, and its Lightweight Shadow Jeans are a great example. They use a 12 ounce denim that’s dyed with indigo for the warp yarns and black weft yarns for a unique two-toned fabric that will age like no other jeans you have in your closet. They’re cut and sewn in San Francisco and come in a perfectly-cut slim tapered fit.

Buy Now: $240

Dawson Denim Deck Pants

Made by husband-and-wife denim duo Dawson Denim, these are crafted with exacting precision in the brand’s British atelier. They take after vintage US Navy pants and incorporate a high-quality selvedge denim that’s about as lightweight as some shirts at just 10 ounces. They’ve got a loose fit for extra aeration and that’s also quite handsome.

Buy Now: ~$340

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