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The Best Tote Bags to Take to the Beach This Summer

All the best beach-ready totes from simple canvas classics to feature-packed carryalls.

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Summertime calls for a trip to the beach. Though this summer calls for a few seaside adjustments, like social distancing and face masks, you’ll still need the proper gear to take with you. Once you’ve gathered all your beach goods together (don’t forget sunscreen!), it’s time to put it all in a bag. For that, you need a beach tote.

Beach totes come in all manner of styles and the best ones are durable, have enough space to hold your personal effects plus your seaside accoutrements. These aren’t exactly your everyday tote bags, but they could function as your daily driver. Whether your speed is an all-natural approach with a burly canvas bag, or a high-tech tote with sophisticated water-repellant coatings and a grip of zips, daisy chains and pockets, there’s a tote out there begging you to go to the beach.

L.L.Bean Boat and Tote

It’s hard to talk about tote bags without mentioning the legendary Boat and Tote from L.L. Bean. Originally made to haul loads of ice, these make for a perfect tote for hot beach layouts. You’re usually limited to just two picks in the triangle of price, style and quality. Somehow, the Bean’s managed to get all three points. They’re affordable, they look great, and they last a long, long time. They come in a variety of sizes and colorways, each of which looks better with age.

Buy Now: $30

Puebco Large Labour Tote Bag

Made in India of a durable cotton canvas fabric, Puebco’s Large Labour Tote Bag is just as suited for lounging in the sand. It’s a generous size at 18.1″ x 25.5″ x 11.2″, so it can handle hauling your beach towels as well as lunch for the whole crew.

Buy Now: $39

Steele Steeletex Wide Beach Tote

Steele’s built up its reputation for making some of the burliest canvas bags since it opened its doors in the 1920s. This beach-ready bag is made with the brand’s signature Steeletex fabric, a heavy 18.5 ounce vinyl-coated nylon. It’s water-resistant and tear-resistant, plus the grommets at the bottom of the bag make it easy to dump out water and sand.

Buy Now: $65

Noah Expandable Mesh Tote

Made with a durable and water-resistant nylon, this tote from Noah is perfect for clearing your carryall of sand and water, thanks to the lightweight mesh body. It’s got a convenient inner pocket to keep your EDC safe. And, it even expands, just in case you bought a few goodies at the local surf shop.

Buy Now: $98

Patagonia Black Hole Gear Tote Bag 61L

Patagonia’s Black Hole bags are seriously tough. I’ve used a Black Hole duffle to carry well over 100 pounds of equipment, so this bag can definitely hold your sunscreen and beach towels. It’s made of 14 ounce 900-denier recycled polyester ripstop fabric that’s coated with a weather-resistant TPU-film laminate and DWR and includes an external zip pocket as well as daisy chains for any add-ons you might have. If the massive 61L size is more than you need, they also make a more reasonable 25L version, too.

Buy Now: $99

Epperson Mountaineering Large Climb Tote

Epperson’s Large Climb Tote is another super durable option that you’ll be passing down to the next generation. The 1000 denier Cordura nylon body is tough but lightweight and water-resistant. The tote also includes military-grade webbing for the handles and daisy chain, a secure snap top and climbing-spec cord closure, as well as seam binding, for a clean-finished inside.

Buy Now: $129

Filson Large Tin Cloth Grab ‘n’ Go Tote Bag

Considering how hard-wearing Filson’s tin cloth fabric is, it only makes sense in something like a tote bag. The Grab ‘n’ Go Tote Bag uses the same 14 ounce, oil-coated fabric for the outer and combines it with a durable, water-resistant nylon lining. It comes with nylon straps, dual outer pockets and a secure zipper top to make sure everything that’s in your bag stays in your bag.

Buy Now: $150

Joshu+Vela Utility Tote

In case you feel like bringing wine to the beach, Joshu Vela’s Utility Tote can do that. Though its pockets are based on vintage tool bags, they conveniently hold your favorite orange wine quite well. They come in a variety of colors and feature bridle leather handles and even more pockets for non-enological essentials. And while we know that Joshu Vela makes another bag literally called the Beach Tote, we love a bag with pockets.

Buy Now: $158

Resails Original Recycled Sail Tote

How beachy can one bag get? Resails’ Original Recycled Sail Tote bag plays up the nautical theme, upcycling vintage sailcloth to make its one-of-a-kind bags. Sailcloth is a great option for bags because it’s lightweight and super strong. To make matters even more durable, Resails also lines its bags with oxford nylon for extra protection and water-resistance.

Buy Now: $159

Battenwear Wet Dry Bag

Wet-dry sounds like the term you use when you can’t recall the word ‘damp’ or definitely want to avoid saying ‘moist’. Can’t blame you there. But Battenwear named their Wet-Dry Bag correctly. It features a mesh outer layer for stowing your wet clothes and towels but also has a water-resistant cavity on the inside, so you can keep your dry goods separate. To play up the duality theme, you can also carry this bag like a tote or like a backpack too.

Buy Now: $160

And Wander 25L Tote

And Wander’s 25L Tote boasts ballistic Cordura nylon with a polycarbonate coating that’s much more water-resistant than traditional coatings. It’s full of details like several mesh outer pockets, adjustable straps and handles, reflective 3M accents, and a secure zipper top. But the best part is that it’s also packable.

Buy Now: $205

Telfar Large Shopper Bag

Telfar’s Shopper Bag is instantly recogizable and toted around by those in-the-know. It’s made of vegan leather and comes in a vivid range of colors and three sizes. The Large Shopper is ideal for beach days thanks to its voluminous capacity. It features a magnetic closure, inner pockets as well as carry handles and shoulder straps.

Buy Now: $257

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