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7 Design-Minded Vinyl Storage Solutions

The record cabinet was a staple of a music fan’s home during vinyl’s heyday.


The record cabinet was a staple of a music fan’s home during vinyl’s heyday. The good ones were built like fine pieces of furniture, befitting of their proud placement in living rooms and bedrooms.

But their status as a shrine to sound eroded in the mid ’70s and early ’80s with the advent of smaller recording formats — eventually transforming what was once symbol of cultural relevance into a relic of a bygone era. As vinyl’s popularity bottomed out, so did its approved storage. Hip-hop DJs mining the musical past for samples to graft into the next great hook spent hours “crate digging” in search of listening gold. The image of scores of tattered albums, passing the years crammed in boxes and milk crates seeped into the collective conscious.

Then a funny thing happened. Through a confluence of forces not even those in the business fully understand, vinyl sales started climbing once again. And, as the vinyl sales climb, so too are the options for storing vinyl elevated. After all, a good record deserves an equally appealing home.

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