Everything You Need for a Perfect Hi-Fi System

High quality audio, demystified.

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Chase Pellerin

Whether you just want to play some records from time to time, or you want each and every note to sound scientifically perfect, there's a high-fidelity system for you. Dive in to learn the basics, or to glean inspiration for your own living room masterpiece.

Chase Pellerin

The Best Turntable and Speaker Combos that Make Vinyl Easy?

Forget all the moving parts.

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Henry Phillips

5 Best All-in-One Turntables that Simplify the Vinyl Experience

When shopping for an entry-level turntable, make sure it has a built-in preamp.

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Artisan Fidelity

Why Audiophiles Are Shopping for Vintage Turntables

And if you're interested, these are the best places to look for refurbished, vintage turntables.

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The Complete Guide to Flunace's Fantastic Turntables

Fluance makes some of the best affordable turntables you can buy, but which one is right for you?

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The Complete Guide to All of Pro-Ject's Excellent Turntables

Heinz Lichtenegger, the founder of Pro-Ject Audio, explains the differences between the company’s various turntables.

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5 Affordable Turntables That Even Audiophiles Would Want

Can you get a great-sounding turntable for under $500?

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Q Acoustics

The 4 Best Bookshelf Speakers of 2020

These are the best bookshelf speakers for your home audio setup, in a variety of price ranges.

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Henry Phillips, Eric Yang

6 Perfect Hi-Fi Headphone Setups

You love great music, and there's a good chance you listen to a lot of it. Now it's time to pair your tunes with equally great gear.

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Hunter D. Kelley

The Best Hi-Fi Headphones and Speakers, All American Made

Makers of some of the most beautiful speakers and headphones on the planet.

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Hunter D. Kelley

The Best Active Speakers (And Which Pair You Should Buy)

It’s all about the speaker-and-amplifier combo.

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Polk Audio

What's Actually the Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Bookshelf Speakers?

Two audio experts explain the simple differences between a pair of entry-level bookshelf speakers and a pair that costs over $1,000.

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AJ Powell

How to Tune the Most Important Component in Your Stereo System

Your home isn’t a concert venue. It wasn’t built for sound.

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Gear Patrol

5 Hi-Fi and Record Shop Owners Share Their Highly-Tuned Home Hi-Fi Setups

Let’s face it, the people who are entrenched in hi-fi every day probably have better (and cooler) home hi-fi set-ups than you.

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