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Nintendo Switches Are Available at Amazon Books

Forget e-commerce.

Nintendo Switch Deal Gear Patrol Lead Full

It’s Amazon Prime Day and, in addition to the crazy deals, Amazon announced that it’s selling Nintendo Switch consoles at a select number of its Amazon Books brick-and-mortar stores. You can find the list of Amazon Books stores here. As with all Prime Day deals, the offer is only applicable to Amazon Prime members — so even if you show up to the store, you’ll have to prove your Prime membership.

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Even though it’s been months since it dropped, the console is still extremely difficult to find. It’s on backorder at Best Buy, Amazon and GameStop. Non-Prime members can order one on Amazon from third-party sellers — but expect them to jack the price up to $415+ (over $100 more than the MSRP).

If you’re looking to get a Nintendo Switch at MSRP, there are a few ways to pounce on a good deal. I’d recommend following Amazon’s Twitter and turn on your mobile notifications; that way when Amazon tweets about the Switch’s availability, you’ll be the first to know. You could also sign up for Google Group alerts here; or, if you’re in New York City, you could always head over to the Nintendo Store and cross your fingers.

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