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You Can Still Buy an iPod Shuffle and Nano — Here’s How

Let the hunt for vintage tech begin.


You’ve probably seen the news: Apple officially discontinued the iPod Shuffle and Nano. It had been years since Apple improved either MP3 player — the iPod nano was last updated in October 2012 and the iPod shuffle in September 2010 — and both had been declining in sales for years, slumping in the iPhone’s shadow. Up until yesterday, you could still order a iPod Nano (16GB, $149) and iPod Shuffle (2GB, $49) on Apple’s website. No more.

However, if you want to still buy an iPod Nano or Shuffle — you can. Chances are if you go to an Apple brick and mortar, they’ll still have both devices in stock for a limited time (so act fast). If that’s not possible, you can go to online. Your best bet is order on Best Buy as it has the latest models of both devices in stock: the Nano ($140) and Shuffle ($46). You can get both on Amazon through third-party sellers — Nano (here) and Shuffle (here). You’ll find each on eBay as well.

With the Shuffle and Nano gone, the only iPods that Apple now sells are two iPod Touch models. It’s worth noting that Apple improved the pricing and storage on each this week. You can get a 32GB iPod Touch for $199 (previously $249) and 128GB iPod Touch for $299 (previously $399). The 16GB and 64GB models of the iPod Touch have been discontinued.

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