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The 8 Essential iPhone 11 Cases of 2020

We’ve selected the best cases for iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

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When choosing a case for your iPhone, there is no clear-cut “best overall” winner. A lot of it depends on you and how you use and treat your iPhone. Do you want a super-thin case so that your iPhone fits nicely in your pocket? What about a case that add some extra protection? Or do you want a case that doubles your iPhone’s battery life? To make things easier, we’ve picked the best iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro cases in a number of different categories. Pick the one that best fits your needs.

The Best iPhone Cases of 2020

    Mophie Juice Pack Access

    Best Battery Case

    Apple’s battery case, the Smart Battery Case ($129), is great — but it’s so darn expensive. Mophie’s alternative is significantly more affordable, plus it leaves the Lighting port exposed so you can charge your iPhone and listen to wired headphones at the same time.

    Also good: Moment Battery Case ($90 $20)

    Buy Now: $80 $30 (11) Buy Now: $80 $30 (11 Pro) Buy Now: $80 $30 (11 Pro Max)

    Apple Clear Case

    Best Clear Case

    There are admittedly a lot of translucent cases you can buy for the iPhone 11, but they aren’t much cheaper (if at all) than the one Apple sells. Plus, Apple’s Clear Case just feels great in your hand.

    Also good: Peel Super Thin, Clear ($29)

    Buy Now: $39 (11) Buy Now: $39 (11 Pro) Buy Now: $39 (11 Pro Max)

    Otterbox Defender Series

    Best Protective Case

    Otterbox’s smartphone cases continue to be the go-to rugged option, and its Defender series is what the company is best known for. It’s really grippy, virtually shatterproof and it comes with a hands-free kickstand.

    Also good: Catalyst Impact Protection Case ($40)

    Buy Now: $54 (11) Buy Now: $60 (11 Pro) Buy Now: $61 (11 Pro Max)

    Peel Super Thin

    Best Thin Case

    If anybody who wants a little more grip, but doesn’t want to add any real thickness to their iPhone — Peel continues to make our favorite smartphone cases. And they are available in many different colors.

    Also good: Apple Silicone Case ($39)

    Buy Now: $29 (11) Buy Now: $29 (11 Pro) Buy Now: $29 (11 Pro Max)

    Moment iPhone Case

    Best Photography Case

    The big thing with Moment is that they make additionally lenses — everything from fisheye to anamorphic — that you can attach to your iPhone and take ever better photos. But you need Moment’s case to attach the lenses. Any one of their cases are a great option for a vlogger or an all-around creative.

    Also good: Olloclip Case ($40 $20)

    Buy Now: $40 $20 (11) Buy Now: $40 $20 (11 Pro) Buy Now: $40 $20 (11 Pro Max)

    Nomad Rugged Tri-Folio

    Best Wallet Case

    We’re assuming that if you’re looking for smartphone case to replace your wallet, you want it to be nice. (Because wallets are nice, generally.) Nomad’s option fits the bill because it’s made of genuine leather and its tri-fold design makes it easy to store both cards and cash.

    Also good: Speck Presidio Wallet Case ($45)

    Buy Now: $80 Buy Now: $80 (11 Pro) Buy Now: $80 (11 Pro Max)

    Otter + Pop Symmetry Series

    Best PopSocket Case

    Let’s face it: PopSockets are hella popular. And with this case, PopSockets teamed up with Otterbox to integrate its PopGrip into a rugged smartphone case. It’s the best of both worlds. It’s also available in a range of colors.

    Buy Now: $61 Buy Now: $61 (11 Pro) Buy Now: $61 (11 Pro Max)

    Apple Leather Case

    Best Leather Case

    Apple makes leather iPhone cases in all sorts of colors: yellow, green, blue, black and traditional brown. Like all genuine leather, the best part of these cases is that they patina and look better over time. Surprisingly, Apple doesn’t sell a leather case for the vanillia iPhone 11.

    An alternative: Nomad Rugged Case ($50)

    BUY NOW: $49 (11 Pro) BUY NOW: $49 (11 Pro Max)

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