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The Best iPad Mini & Mini Retina Cases

So you managed to score that shiny new iPad Mini. Next step: a case.

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August 21, 2014: Updated to reflect current prices.

Updated: June 14, 2014 So you managed to score that shiny new iPad Mini retina. Next step: a case. We’ve saved you hours of SafeSearch Googling by rounding up the best iPad Mini Retina cases at a variety of price points to help get your new Cupertino buddy from birthday suit to warm and cozy. Whether you prioritize looks, function or insurance for your butterfingers, each of these iPad Mini Retina cases has a forte — and a price. We’ve ordered our selections starting with the most affordable and will update this article as better entries come along. So peruse, hone in, and for god’s sake, cover your shame man.

Under $25

Because you’ve already Fedexed this month’s drinking budget to Cupertino

HardCandy Convertible iPad Mini Case

HardCandy blatantly copied Apple’s original iPad case and trimmed it down for the Mini (genius). It’s made from faux nubuck in a variety of bold colors, all of which, unfortunately, bear even bolder HardCandy branding.

Buy Now: $9

Photive iPad Mini & Mini Retina Lightweight Hard Shell Case with Built in Stand

It’s available in a wide variety of colors, features dual shock absorbing layers and boasts a built in kick stand for easy viewing — all for a price even your local street vendor can’t match.

Buy Now: $15

Built NY Slim Neoprene Sleeve for iPad Mini & Mini Retina

This thin neoprene sleeve is resilient enough to fend off minor bumps and bangs, and the contrast-color liner promises a scratch free experience whilst your iPad Mini is resting.

Buy Now: $16

The Joy Factory SmartSuit Mini for iPad Mini & Mini Retina Case

The SmartSuit is one of the best iPad Mini case values around. Its combination synthetic leather cover and a hardshell back provide protection and style without ballooning the tablet’s waistline.

Buy Now: $17

Incipio LGND Folding iPad Mini & Mini Retina Case

If you still value function over form, Incipio’s LGND case includes embedded magnets for sleeping and waking your tablet and folds into a variety of stand positions.

Buy Now: $19

Oakley Hazard for iPad Mini & Mini Retina

Oakley is known for making durable products. The hazard consists of a tough “O Matter” back shell that’s durable and light. It also still leaves room for a smartcover.

Buy Now: $20

DODOcase BOOKback iPad Mini & Mini Retina Case

The BOOKback is more of a skin than a case — making it just what the minimalist Mini worshiper needs. It’s made from the same Moroccan book fabric found on other DODOcases, adding padding and grip, and attaches via a reusable peel-and-stick adhesive.

Buy Now: $20

SwitchEasy CoverBuddy for iPad Mini & Mini Retina

SwitchEasy’s CoverBuddy is an ideal companion for iPad Mini Smart Cover owners in love with Cupertino’s current playroom color palette, since it covers the Mini’s otherwise exposed back in shock-proof, rubber-coated polycarbonate and matches perfectly. Twinsies!

Buy Now: $20

X-Dooria SmartStyle iPad Mini & Mini Retina Case

X-Dooria’s boldly patterned cases are designed to make a scene — just like a chinese symbol inked into your forehead. The cover folds to serve as a stand — but only at one angle.

Buy Now: $20

STM Skinny iPad Mini & Mini Retina Case

The Skinny’s water-resistant micro ripstop fabric and molded plastic body snap securely onto the Mini; a loop closer makes sure the cover stays shut. The cover can also fold in two positions for typing or viewing while on the go. A limited lifetime warranty is nice, just in case your iPad Mini somehow thwarts its planned obsolescent fate.

Buy Now: $20

JiuJiu iPad Mini & Mini Retina Sleeve

Its cotton exterior isn’t the most durable of materials, but plenty of padding and elastic straps insure your 7-inch compadre stays safe and secure while packed in bigger bags or chilling on the kitchen table. The extra pocket is convenient for keeping that blasted lightning cord or headphones nearby too.

Buy Now: $21

Griffin CinemaSeat Car Mount for iPad Mini

A case that products your tablet on the go and can also double as a headrest mount for road trips.

Buy Now: $21

Incase Maki Jacket iPad Mini & Mini Retina Case

The popular case maker’s Maki Jacket provides the same camo goodness of the Graceful Crafts option with a cover that rolls — sushi-style — into a stand for typing or movie viewing.

Buy Now: $21

Incipio Feather Ultra Thin Snap-On iPad Mini & Mini Retina Case

Incipio’s feather case doesn’t play nicely with Apple’s Smart Cover, because the high density “Plextonium” frame fully protects the tablet’s caress-able right and left edges. As you know though, fit is everything, and the case’s shell (less than 1mm thick) and soft touch finish won’t affect your Mini’s soaring body image in the least.

Buy Now: $23

Herschel Supply Co. Cypress iPad Mini & Mini Retina Sleeve

Quasi-disguised as a pocket notebook, this patterned sleeve boasts an elastic band to keep everything bound together. Just remember where you put it, lest the camo pattern works a little too well.

Buy Now: $24

$25 – $55

There’s value in them thar hills

Speck Products CandyShell Case for iPad Mini & Mini Retina

Just like your favorite chocolate-covered movie theater treat, the CandyShell has a solid outer layer to protect the soft insides from harm (probably not teeth, in this case). Rubberized grips eliminate slips; volume and sleep/lock buttons are still accessible.

Buy Now: $25

Nedrelow Sleeve for iPad Mini & Mini Retina

If you think simple is best, this Nedrelow 100% natural sustainable wool felt sleeve is as basic as they come. Plus, it can be ordered to fit snugly around a Mini with a smart cover attached.

Buy Now: $25

M-Edge Profile iPad Mini & Mini Retina Case

This super-thin leather and microfiber case mirrors the classic good looks of traditional leather portfolios, but sneaks in useful features like micro suction strips for using the cover as a stand (or simply keeping it closed), as well four silicone straps for holding the Mini in place. An ultra-strong fiberglass core provides extra rigidity.

Buy Now: $30

Willow & Company Wool and Leather iPad Mini & Mini Retina Sleeve

This “Prairie” style case is constructed from 3mm German Merino Wool felt in either graphite black, light grey or steel blue color options. The integrated leather strap sets W & C’s offering apart from the pack — especially since it’s sold at such a reasonable price point.

Buy Now: $34

Griffin Survivor iPad Mini & Mini Retina Case

You got the iPad Mini because you dropped your full-sized one in the toilet. Never again. Sure, it’s ugly as hell, but the Griffin Survivor is both shockproof and waterproof to U.S. Department of Defense standards. Polycarbonate frame clad in shock-absorbing silicone means serious business, and it has a screen protector to guard against rain and dirt. Your saved high scores on Fruit Ninja deserve the security, right?

Buy Now: $37

SENA UltraSlim iPad Mini & Mini Retina Case

If you want the look of leather without added bulk, SENA’s UltraSlim line is your best option. It fits tighter than Jessica Alba’s pants and still automatically sleeps the mini.

Buy Now: $37

DODOcase Classic & HARDcover Classic iPad Mini & Mini Retina Case

The two-time iPad case of the year maker has re-tailored their most popular case models for the new runt of the tablet family. Both feature the same hard-bound book style required for academic posturing, but the HARDcover option ditches the lightweight bamboo holding tray and instead attaches suavely to the back of the Mini via a strong adhesive. Personalization is an option for both.

Buy Now: $40

SHARKK Apple iPad Mini & Mini Retina Keyboard Bluetooth Case Cover Stand

Sharkk’s new keyboard case and stand does it all — connect via Bluetooth and can prop up your iPad vertically or horizontally. After three hours of USB charging, the battery will supposedly last 60 hours.

Buy Now: $43

Moshi iGlaze VersaCover Origami Case for iPad Mini & Mini Retina

Employing a silicon and microfiber exterior, the VersaCover keeps your iPad Mini blemish free — even as it cleverly folds into a stand for your viewing pleasure.

Buy Now: $45

Mujjo iPad Mini & Mini Retina Sleeve

What were we just saying about handsome gray wool? The Dutch are a crafty people, and they’ve plied their skills with this Mini sleeve, which is hand crafted and can fit the device with smart cover attached. The leather strap is just gravy on the french fries (or whatever the hell the Dutch eat).

Buy Now: $49

Belkin Wireless Keyboard and Case for iPad Mini & Mini Retina

For the office warrior and the globetrotter alike, the Belkin Portable Keyboard will turn your iPad Mini into an efficiency machine. With Bluetooth connectivity and a durable exterior case, this baby’s a true switch hitter. It’s no lightweight either: 155 hours of battery life mean it’ll outlast the longest of focused work binges.

Buy Now: $49

Côte& Ciel iPad Mini Microfiber Pouch for iPad Mini & Mini Retina

French gadget accessory maker Côte&Ciel’s iPad Mini Pouch gets bonus points for it’s simple, but effective design. The pouch form factor made from ultra light Fibre Touch fabric shields the entire tablet when not in use and can also be folded over into a carefully hidden slot to create a stable stand.

Buy Now: $52

Over $55

Because why spend less, when you can spend more?

The Navis Arrow iPad Mini & Mini Retina Sleeve

Sharp lines, much-loved gray wool, and a useful pocket stack the lineup for this still-affordable top tier case. Water-resistance and vegetable-tanned leather are the perfect garnishes.

Buy Now: $57

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad Mini & Mini Retina

This 208-gram Bluetooth keyboard is far lighter than the iPad Mini itself, yet is smooth enough to function with the feel of a full-size unit. If you know what we mean.

Buy Now: $60

Carbonize Black Leather iPad Mini & Mini Retina Sleeve

This Etsy treasure has dark style down to a T. Charcoal gray recycled wool is the perfect compliment to its black leather cover. Two prominent buttons and a storage compartment (probably for your designer glasses) round out this affordable, fashion forward sleeve.

Buy Now: $63

OtterBox iPad Mini & Mini Retina Defender Series

This bodyguard provides the same all-around defense as OtterBox’s cell phone cases, with inner and outer shock-resistant layers in polycarbonate and silicone. The outer cover pulls double duty as a stand. Disappointingly, it’s not water resistant, so don’t try to watch Netflix while skinny dipping.

Buy Now: $67

Grams 28 Handmade Leather iPad Mini & Mini Retina Sleeve

Hand-made Italian leather and twice-beeswaxed thread signal that we’re moving into high quality territory here. Simple beauty has a hard time failing, and this case is no different. It’ll darken with age, similar to your mood, but with more enjoyable results for everybody.

Buy Now: $70

Hard Graft Tab iPad Mini & Mini Retina Case

Hard Graft is no naïve youngster in the Apple accessories game, and their Tab case makes that clear. The thick gray wool felt (are we seeing a pattern here?) is the bespoke solution to appearance and utility, literally bending over backwards to transform from carrying sleeve to stand. The noble look of the leather ain’t bad, either.

Buy Now: $114

Killspencer Carrier Pouch for iPad Mini

Made in America from natural bridle leather, the Killspencer carrier pouch keeps all of your prized personal possessions together and neatly organized. It’s available in black, natural and tan colors. Monogramming is also an option.

Buy Now: $139

Vaja Nuova Pelle for iPad Mini & Mini Retina

Keep your iPad Mini looking fresh and new, and let your case gather a charming patina. This slim, vegetable tanned leather wrap opens like a book and closes securely using magnets that sleep your device when it’s stowed away.

Buy Now: $140

Moore and Giles iPad Mini & Mini Retina Tablet Pocket

Pick up this zip-closure pouch for the iPad Mini and let your leather weather. Made of a rich brown hide with conspicuous stitching detail, you may end up buying this first and shopping at Apple for an accessory to fit inside.

Buy Now: $145

Makr Horween Leather iPad Mini & Mini Retina Sleeve

A USA-made, hand-sewn iPad parcel fashioned from Horween leather and available in multiple colorways and two finishes.

Buy Now: $155

Lotuff iPad Mini & Mini Retina Case

Renown for the hand-crafted leather goods, Lotuff has brought their signature touch to an elegant, simple solution for the iPad Mini. A tab enclosure-design protects while maintaining sharp, natural lines — no fuss, all class.

Buy Now: $195

Smythson Panama iPad Mini & Mini Retina Case

This case is way too elegant for you, you beer slurping, couch lazing bastard. Natural calfskin. Soft suede lining. Personalization options. May it be an example to you.

Buy Now: $390

Smythson Crocodile-Embossed iPad Mini & Mini Retina Case


Think leather is nice? Think again. Embossed-crocodile is the real sign of success…

Buy Now: $420

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