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NZXT Cryo LX & Cryo S

The Beast, err...


Don’t get me wrong, I love summer. Sometimes, though, it’s just too bloody hot. You know what I mean. There’s nothing like an oppressively hot day to make you want to do no more than just lay down and quit on the world. Luckily, as 21st century men, we have air conditioned homes, cooled seats in our cars, and ice cold beer to see us through. Your notebook computer, however, has no such luck. For your precious work/gaming/media sidekick, it’s a never-ending heatwave of undissipated processing power. That’s where NZXT comes in.

lxNZXT’s Cryo LX (for your enviable 17″ notebook) and their new Cryo S (for everything smaller) notebook coolers represent the ideal cooling solution for your computer. To conserve size, notebooks have to skimp on a lot of features found in their stationary brethern, huge gusting fans being one such ommission. By planting it on one of the Cryo coolers, you’ll be giving your notebook computer the much-needed cooling it deserves to achieve peak performance, as well as adding in a slew of additional USB ports.

Still, the real note here is on the build and design. These stands are hewn out of high-grade aluminum and are quite hefty, to say the least. As with all their products, NZXT has build the Cryo LX and Cryo S to last. That, and to serve as an auxilarly cooling system for your studio apartment in a pinch.

Cost: $70 – Cryo LX | $48 – Cryo S

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