89 of the Best Watches Made Today, at Every Price

70 of our favorite watches, from affordable quartz to haute horlogerie.


The biggest mistake one can make when buying a watch is judging it by its price tag. Some $80 Seikos are as loved and respected by watch enthusiasts as $8,000 Rolexes and $80,000 masterpieces from A. Lange & Söhne. There are great timepieces to be found at every price level. That’s why we went and amassed all of our budget-focused guides — from dirt-cheap watches to Haute Horlogerie.

Under $150

Bargain watches get a bad rap, but there are plenty of dirt-cheap options with excellent design and solid build quality.

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Under $500

For under $500, you can afford a chronograph, a GMT, a super-thin Bauhaus or a military-style dive watch. Take your pick of our favorites.

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Under $1,000

There is an abundance of quality timepieces available for under $1,000. There are also many lesser choices. Let us help you choose wisely.

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Under $2,500

The 10 best watches under $2,500 include big brands like Nomos, Sinn, Oris, Grand Seiko and more.

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Under $5,000

This is the high-volume realm of entry-level luxury watches, and it’s tricky to navigate.

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Under $10,000

Five figures means in-house movements, increasingly convoluted complications, and some of horology’s heaviest hitters.

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Under $50,000

When you reach the $50,000 range, you become an investor. That adds a lot of extra pressure to ensure you’re not wasting dollars on a flash in the pan.

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Under $250,000

A guide to watches that cost more than a house, including incredible picks from Seiko, A. Lange & Sohne, Patek Philippe and more.

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Over $250,000

If we had the means, any one of these would be the watch of a lifetime.

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