Discover the Rare Apple Watch Bands with Cult Followings

Evidently there's a rabbit hole for everything — even Apple Watch straps.

apple watch band

It comes as no surprise given the idiosyncrasies of the watch world that folks are as obsessive — if not more? — about their Apple Watch accoutrement as we horological nerds are about, say, NATO straps. But still.

Check out this fun forum post — I call it "fun" because people aren't poised to kill one another over their opinions, as they often are on traditional watch forums — regarding "rare Apple Watch bands" on Macrumors. A user who goes by the handle "mikedop" opens up a discussion on OEM Apple Watch straps that sees people chiming in with all kinds of weird stuff: funky colored bands, bands made for special events, special third party bands, etc. One user even chimes in with a picture of his collection 40-something straps in a rainbow of colors and designs.

If you're an Apple Watch obsessive — or, more accurately, an Apple Watch accessory obsessive — you have to check this out.

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