The New G-SHOCK GM110 Combines Industrial and Street Sensibilities


g shock

G-SHOCK's new GM110 is both pristinely polished and ruggedly functional — its duality calls to mind precious gemstones discovered deep within subterranean caves. Based on its predecessor, the GA110, the GM110 is a fresh take on the machined industrial aesthetic of the original. The quadruple-layer dial uses dimensional molding and metallic color tones to create a sense of real depth, while the forged metal bezel protects the watch from shock and abrasion. Finally, the watch's latticed resin band is light enough to offset the weight of the bezel without compromising style, comfort or functionality.


Heavy Metal Bezel: The GM110 features a forged metal bezel with gold ion plating and an all-mirror finish. Each piece of metal is forged, cut, polished and combined with an IP finish to create a rugged look with an industrial feel. Best of all, the minute protrusions on the inner case reduce surface contact with the bezel to cushion shocks and protect your timepiece.


Lightweight Resin Band: The GM110's thick resin band is formed with a lattice design to evoke the image of a machined metal plate. The industrial-style geometric patterns on the band's surface not only give an impression of depth — they complement the design of the bezel while simultaneously countering some of its weight.


Super Illuminator: A watch as rugged as the GM110 is built for extreme environments, which often means functionality — and legibility — are paramount. The watch's Super Illuminator high-intensity LED lights up the watch face to ensure readability in the dark. Better yet, the hour and minute hands are treated with luminescent coloring, while the indices feature an accentuated contrast.


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