The Complete Guide to Watch Straps

Leather, rubber, NATO, more — we bring you watch bands galore.

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Don't be content to wear your precious timepiece on that janky-ass bracelet or cheap, leather-lined strap it came on. Adding a quality band can breathe new life into your watch — and can so do for a relatively small amount of money. Here at GP, we're huge fans of swapping out straps for a better look, a better fit, or to compensate for a huge emotional void in our lives that could best be filled with something substantive, but is instead filled with nylon, cow skin or rubber.

Jokes, jokes. But for real, we love straps and bracelets here. Which is why we decided to localize all our strap and bracelet guides, to make perusal easier for you, dear reader. From our favorite leather to rubber to NATO straps — as well as guides to classic steel bracelet models, strap changing and more — this primer is all you need to get started in your strap-changing journey. Just be forewarned: "strapping" is addictive.

The Best Leather Watch Straps

best leather watch straps gear patrol lead full
Chandler Bondurant and Hunter D. Kelley

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The Best Rubber Watch Straps

best rubber straps gear patrol lead full
Hunter D. Kelley

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The Best NATO Straps

best nato straps gear patrol lead full
Hunter D. Kelley

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The Most Iconic Watch Bracelets

7 iconic watch bracelets gear patrol lead full

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How to Change a Watch Strap

how to change a watch strap gear patrol lead full
Hunter D. Kelley

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The Best Watch Straps for Summer

15 best straps for a cool and casual summer lead full
Worn & Wound

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All About Buckles and Clasps

rolex clasp

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The History of the NATO Strap

nato strap refresh gear patrol lead full
Worn & wound

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