MB&F HM2-SV Final Editions

Departures are bittersweet


You may remember that earlier this year we found ourselves quite fixated with the fantastic(al) timepieces of MB&F. Specifically, the MB&F HM3 Frog. As a final send off, MB&F has created two special (if special does them descriptive justice) editions of their HM2 model. Called the Sapphire Vision, the sci-fi-like creations can be had with either a black titanium case back, green 22k gold rotor, and green gasket (HM2 Black SV) or with an 18k red gold case back with black gasket, and red 22k gold rotor (HM2 Red SV). Both will be limited to just 18 pieces. At the heart of both striking watches is an ultra-complex 349 part movement displayed in its full glory for you, and nearly every other human, to gaze and gawk at with engineering delight — a horological swan song if we ever saw one. Learn more.

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