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Style Guide: How to Dress Like The Wolf of Wall Street

Immorality? Regulation?

Immorality? Regulation? Terrible ties? Ah, the early 90s. Whether you recall that fateful turn of the decade where the 80s blindly roared into the 90s as a style doldrum (gaping pinstripes and questionable patterns) or a blind, no-holds-barred epoch (let’s do lunch!), there’s no questioning that Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street will smash into theaters this Christmas with boom-time style.

In anticipation, we’ve put together a big-money style guide inspired by a few memorable scenes to commemorate Scorsese’s nearly three-hour celluloid tribute to the infamous “Wolfpack”. The ’90s may have lacked style, but it’s hard to say we don’t miss it, just a bit. Fuckin’ a.

But First… The Trailer

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Always Be Closing


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Make It Rain

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Shit Is Getting Real


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Time to Diversify


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Suck It Up, Man


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I Am the King!


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We Expect More Volatility


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This Is A Strong Buy


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Wrap It Up


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Official Soundtrack

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