Take Gear Patrol Magazine with You This Fourth of July Weekend

Issues Fifteen and Sixteen, available now.

Gear Patrol

The latest edition of Gear Patrol’s premium print journal — Issue Sixteen, the Summer Preview — aims to help you make the most of your spring and summer adventures. And now, it’s available in digital form on newsstand app PressReader.

In addition to bringing print publications direct to consumers via single issue purchases and subscriptions, PressReader is available on the in-flight entertainment platforms of major airlines, in airport lounges, boutique hotels, university libraries and more.

Next time you find yourself in a Four Seasons lobby, JetBlue flight, or even at the New York Public Library, check out Gear Patrol Magazine on PressReader, free of charge. No matter where you are, you can always purchase a digital edition of Gear Patrol or access our content with a PressReader subscription, or you can browse it free of charge on one of PressReader’s many hotspots near you.

Learn More: Here

Gear Patrol
Gear Patrol Magazine Subscription
Gear Patrol

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