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The 8 Best Beard Trimmers You Can Buy in 2021

From Wahl, Philips Norelco, Braun and more.

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An electric beard trimmer is a necessity for maintaining facial hair. The best ones are intuitive and offer a range of settings for general hair trimming and precision touch-ups.

In recent years, advances in rechargeable batteries have allowed for cordless trimmers to run up to an hour or more. Many beard trimmers on the market also utilize blades that require very little upkeep — as a general rule: look for self-sharpening steel blades that don’t require oil before each use.

You’ll also want to consider how, and where, you’ll be using it. Have you maintained the same beard for years and just need a one-trick pony? Do you alternate between short and long styles and need a trimmer that offers a lot of variety? Will you take your trimmer on business trips or are you leaving it in a bathroom cabinet? Finally, what’s your budget?

No matter how you answered any of these questions, our picks have you covered.

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Best Overall Beard Trimmer
Wahl Model 9864SS Stainless Steel Beard Trimmer

Made in the America, this beard trimmer is housed in a durable stainless steel housing and utilizes rechargable Lithium Ion 2.0 technology that can provide hours of trimming on one charge. The Model 9864 comes with four attachments and 12 T-Blade guide combs to achieve different length trims.

The self-sharpening blades stay sharp over years of use and the warranty is one of the longest you’ll find in the world of beard trimmers. The best feature, though? A one-minute charge will give you three minutes of trimming time — perfect for procrastinators everywhere.

Attachments: 4
Run Time: 6 hours
Warranty: 5 year

Best Upgrade Beard Trimmer
Beard Trimmer by Bevel

Bevel's first trimmer received high praise for its build quality, cutting quality and precision. The brand's second iteration is even better. Built to meet the demands of master barbers, the reprise is now cordless, providing up to an incredible 8 hours of cutting time. The Bevel Dial allows you to make adjustments with just the flick of a thumb for smooth fades the blade and the included t-blade makes achieving clean lines a breeze.

Attachments: 1
Run Time: 8 hours
Warranty: 1 year

Best Affordable Beard Trimmer
Philips Norelco MG3750 Multigroom Trimmer
Philips Norelco

We love the MG3750's big brother, the MG7770. But for an incredulous price of just $20, we can't say that we'd pick another beard trimmer for the money. Its measly run-time of just an hour may put some people off. But if your beard routine only involves a quick touch up (which is most people), that shouldn't deter you. It comes with plenty of attachments for any precise cuts you need to take care of and the stainless steel guards are easy to detach and clean.

Attachments: 13
Run Time: 1 hour
Warranty: 2 year

Best Feature-Packed Beard Trimmer
Philips Norelco MG7770
Philips Norelco

This aluminum-body beard trimmer has two times as many blades for a more precise trim. Its Lithium-ion battery delivers a 6-hour runtime, and the MG7770 comes with six purpose-designed attachments and a range of trimming guards.

It comes with a rugged zipper case that has a contoured foam body to hold the trimmer and pouches to secure attachments. What’s more, the steeper price is justified by an industry-leading 10-year warranty.

Attachments: 6
Run Time: 6 hours
Warranty: 10 year

Best Washable Beard Trimmer
Panasonic Multigroom ER-GB80-S

This trimmer has 39 adjustable settings to fine-tune your grooming routine — a rubberized dial controls the settings in .5mm increments from .5mm to 20mm. The stainless steel blades are washable and a convenient water-drain allows quick cleaning after each use.

While the battery will last just shy of an hour, a LED charge indicator on the handle indicates the power level as to not leave you stranded in the middle of a trim. The attachments that come with the ER-GB80-S are designed for closer facial hair trimming, longer beard styles and precision body hair grooming. Panasonic also outfitted the trimmer with a rubberized handle that fits comfortably in bigger hands.

Attachments: 3
Runtime: 50 minutes
Warranty: 2 years

Best Travel Beard Trimmer
Braun Multi Grooming Kit MGK5280
Courtesy Braun

This compact trimmer can keep up with the best. It comes with nine attachments and can trim beards from .5mm to 21 mm (in 2mm increments). The battery delivers one hour of runtime and a LED indicator on the handle displays the battery life. Thankfully, this trimmer is fully washable, making on-the-go cleanup a breeze. It’s also small enough to be packed into a Dopp kit without disturbing your current grooming products.

Attachments: 9
Runtime: 100 minutes
Warranty: 2 years

Best Corded Beard Trimmer
Andis 04603 Professional Outliner II

If you need a precision trimmer to touch up your neck, beard and mustache, this is a solid option. Inside the heavy-duty housing, a quiet magnetic motor powers carbon-steel blades designed for years of use. Weighing in at 11.5 ounces, this trimmer is easy on the hands for extended use. The T-Outliner is ideal for dry shaving, but make sure to oil the blade before each use to ensure a good trim.

Attachments: 0
Runtime: Continuous
Warranty: 1 year

Best Beard Trimmer with a Vacuum
Remington HKVAC2000A Vacuum Haircut Kit
Courtesy Amazon

When cleaning up your beard, you'd better be prepared to cleanup the sink, too. That said, beard trimmers with integrated vacuums make the mess a bit (or a lot) less. Remington's super popular HKVAC2000A boasts a dual-motor system that delivers high-powered suction to capture up to 90 percent of trimmed hair. The collection chamber is generous, too. It's enough to collect a full session of trimming and the included attachments mean you can get the detail you're after.

Attachments: 8
Runtime: Continuous
Warranty: 5 years

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