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Smith Optics Overtake Helmet

The Smith Optics Overtake Helmet, equipped with a Koroyd core, offers best-in-class ventilation, top-mark aerodynamics, and the best skull protection you can find.


Athletes should thank the aerospace engineers. Back in the ’60s, it was NASA and the U.S. Air Force who first tested the strength of carbon fiber; decades later, we’re still dependent on it. New for this millenium is Koroyd, a surface made from tens of thousands of co-polymer extruded tubes thermally welded together. Like carbon fiber before it, Koroyd is making athletes lighter and faster. And in the spirit of good progress, Koroyd’s greatest strength is also making us safer — for example, in Smith Optics’s Overtake. Equipped with a Koroyd core, the helmet offers best-in-class ventilation, top-mark aerodynamics, and the best skull protection you can find. It’s the helmet of the future, and it’s available now.

Koroyd’s tubular construction lends breathability to the entire inner surface of the helmet; it vents like nothing else on the market. It also registers at only 250 grams, making it not only an airy lid, but a light one. And as with carbon fiber, light doesn’t mean weak. Koroyd crushes in an completely controlled manner, decelerating impact energy and reducing the potential of brain trauma. The Overtake also offers a multidirectional impact protection system, which absorbs oblique forces by allowing a small rotation between the outer and inner shells. This distributes impact and reduces stress to your brain’s most vulnerable spots.


A helmet that carves new paths in impact absorption and airflow had us sold. Then Smith took the Overtake into the wind tunnel. Working with world-renowned aerodynamicist Len Brownlie, Smith tested and trimmed their skull savior until it sliced through the breeze. It scored top marks in both Wind-Averaged Drag and Coolit computational fluid dynamics tests. Smith, being an optics-based brand, also obsessed over the ever-important “glasses mounting” potential of the helmet, integrating an eyewear dock into the design. Cycling spectacles fit snugly both front- and back-facing.

By disrupting our understanding of protection and breathability, Smith raised the bar in the wind tunnel and on the street. All it took was a revolutionary new material and some groundbreaking design.


Construction: AEROCORE construction featuring Koroyd
Interior: MIPS optional linings
Weight: 250 grams

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