Bevel Shaving System

The Bevel shaving system targets irritation and other difficulties with an updated take on a classic tool of the trade: the safety razor. Their subscription-based service conveniently ships replenishments of their comprehensive all-natural grooming products every ninety days.


In case you haven’t been paying attention to your face, the safety razor’s making a comeback. The reason, to be blunt, is that all cartridge systems are inferior. Yes, especially that Fusion ProGlide you’ve spent a fortune buying refills for.

The multi-blade cartridges men are used to often damage the face by dragging along the skin, scraping healthy cells along with follicles. They are also prone to hair tugging, working somewhat okay with only a hyper-specific set of beard types. Let’s say this: if you run anywhere on the coarse or curly side of the spectrum, yours isn’t one of them.

Walker & Company Brands combat this market shortcoming with Bevel, their flagship subscription-based safety razor system. The stars of the package include the badger hair brush and double-edged, single blade safety razor, a sleek and solid tool of the trade, made of weighted brass with a precision-engineered head that feels solid in the hand and promises swift control. Though pricey at $30 a month, the company conveniently ships replenishments of their comprehensive, all-natural quality grooming products: a pre-shave priming oil made with lavender and olive oil; rich shave cream with shea butter, aloe vera, and white tea; and restorative post-shave balm with oat kernel, tea tree, and jojoba oils. Included in the deliveries, of course, are replacement Bevel blades, enough for frequent exchange to prevent bacteria buildup over time (yet another one-up on your current shaving rig).


This is only the first product from this exceptional brand, whose focus is “to make health and beauty simple for people of color”, often subjected to products that don’t match a specific skin-type. The quality of their offerings, of course, proves that their demographic is much, much wider than that. Aware that many of their consumers are new to safety razor systems, Bevel also accommodates with helpful instructions and guides. Take note, men.


Shave: single blade safety razor, badger hair brush
Groom: priming oil, shave cream, restoring balm
Ships: replenishments every 90 days

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