Jack Spade Benton Suit

The Benton is a much-appreciated compromise between modern aesthetics and timeless appeal in a day where what’s trending can shift in the chirp of tweet.


Affordable suits men weren’t ashamed to wear used to have backstories. The kind sprinkled with words like “Huangpu District” and “connection” and primed for narration by Matt Damon in Rounders.

But we’re living the present. J.Crew started a chain reaction with the launch the Ludlow in 2008. Today there are plenty of fine options out there for the working man or dandy under $1,500 or even under $1,000. So what’s the big deal about another brand jumping into the scrum?


Much of the appeal of Jack Spade’s new Benton Suit line lies in its simplicity. The debut run is offered only in Italian Marzotto wool — chosen for its resemblance to rich traditional English wools, but with less weight — in a total of five color options including navy, chalk stripe, micro-houndstooth, glen plaid and tropical wool. Price is consistent regardless of color: jackets cost $698, pants sell for $298.

As with all matters in clothing, though, fit trumps all. The Benton’s cut shadows the modern, tailored look dominating high fashion and trendy metropolises these days, without losing sight of workplace realities. Shoulders are structured, but not rigid. Pants are slimmed with a raised waist to accentuate height, yet still maintain ease where it’s needed. Canvas sewn into the jacket’s interior helps retain shape while also contouring to the wearer over time. In the words of Jack Spade Design Director Todd Magill, “it won’t alienate all body types.”

Call it a lack of conviction if you must, but we feel this compromised approach makes the Benton a coveted option in a time when what’s trending can shift in the chirp of a tweet. Look for the it at Jack Spade boutiques or via their online store. Tell your friends “your man” hooked you up, if you feel the need.


Material: Italian Marzotto wool
Colors: navy, chalk stripe, micro-houndstooth, glen plaid and tropical wool

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