G.I. Joe DVD Complete Collector’s Set

Relive Saturday Mornings Minus The Whole 7 A.M Thing


If the current summer blockbusters didn’t tug on our childhood nostalgia strings enough, Hasbro has announced this complete collectors set just in time for Comic Con. Loaded with over 50 hours of content, this set packs everything but the kitchen sink.


  • The original toy commercials
  • Printable scripts
  • A collectible 60 page book with introduction by Seth Green(???)
  • A 2-GB “Dog Tag” flash drive
  • 2 G.I. silent comics
  • G.I. Joe Public Service Announcements
  • Special Arashikage & Cobra tattoos
  • Limited-edition footlocker
  • 17 DVDs containing 95 episodes

    Sure to make any fan excited, you’ll be hard pressed to find any more G.I. gear all in one place. Be prepared to pay though as getting your hands on this many pieces of the G.I. Joe universe doesn’t come cheap. If any of you Patroler’s are head to Comic Con, know that the first 350 sets sold at the event will also come with a limited edition lithograph autographed by G.I. JOE: Orgins comic book artist Tom Feister, pictured below.


    Cost: $150

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