Fat Biking in the Wyoming Wilderness

Ever rolled a fatty in the Wyoming wilderness?

Though fat bikes have been available commercially since Surly introduced the Pugsley in 2005, fat biking culture is nascent, a combination of endurance athletes, polar explorers, recreational explorers, mountain bikers, beer-drinking buddies and eccentric commuters. A handful of these stakeholders — plus fat bike-producing brands like Salsa, Borealis and Trek — assembled in Jackson, Wyoming in January for the Global Fat Bike Summit. We took the opportunity to roll big wheels on the trails around Turpin Meadow Ranch in Moran, Wyoming and on the snow-covered roads of Grand Teton National Park. What we discovered in the shadow of the Teton Range is a biking discipline that’s more about having fun than mashing hills or chasing a new PR — and that’s a pretty good way to experience Wyoming.

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