The 62-Year-Old Snowboarder who Won’t Stop

Slovakian Milos Kmetko is old.

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Milos Kmetko is unwilling to surrender to expectations. A retiree pushing his mid-60s living in Slovakia, he keeps a view of the world that’s spryer than most men half his age. This short profile by Patrik Paulínyi documents his unwillingness to accept the limitations of old age. Milos, an avid snowboarder, falls, eats snow, but always gets back up. “If a young person learns something in five tries”, Milos says, “retiree like me needs 20 tries.” He hits rails, catches edges, and even films himself to study his faults.

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“It’s not the adrenaline that I like about snowboarding”, Milos adds. “What I like is that it is a sport where all the time there is a problem which needs to be solved.” Milos defies the naysayers who proclaim life past 50 is simply a waiting game for deterioration. “I told myself a while ago that when you are 60, your life is not ending…it’s just starting.” Here’s to committing to going down the hill, even once you’re over it.

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