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15 Magazines You Should Be Reading Now

A good magazine doesn’t just transplant information. It inspires it.

Henry Phillips

Print is dead, so they say. But this kind of overwrought pessimism is far from wholly accurate. While the agility of digital media has in fact shifted the epicenter of news and gossip away from big-name print publications, it’s encouraged others to play up their strengths — tactility, intimacy and longevity — much embodied in the printed culture of boutique magazines. This breed of publications (found in specialty bookstores instead of newsstands) has learned to take stock in the paper used, the photography featured and the subjects covered. They don’t aim to be timely, but timeless, moving from the commute to the coffee table. As with favorite books or long conversations, the experience of reading one should be rich, and savored rather than devoured. Below are 15 lesser-known magazines that live up to the intent.

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032c is a biannual publication that emphasizes the cultural value of art, architecture and fashion through original photography and intelligent reportage. Subjects range from the obscure to the high profile: past issues have explored the reality of the “the countryside”, Nike, and the relationship between photographer Inge Feltrinelli and Ernest Hemingway. 032c.com

Inventory first started as an online platform to sell products on its carefully curated web store. Its print existence, stacked with photography and interviews, has since become a leader of fashion-focused publications for men that covers both designers and brands, such as Red Wing Shoes, A.P.C. and VisVim. inventory.com

An adventure publication with both print and digital platforms, Sidetracked explores the people and places of the great outdoors. With a clean aesthetic and general lack advertisements (thanks to tasteful sponsorship), the focus is clearly on the content, which includes an essay by Ueli Steck and a recipe for cooking duck over a wood fire. sidetracked.com

The Surfer’s Journal
Published since 1992 with the support of brands like GoPro and Patagonia, The Surfer’s Journal centers its attention to the realm of surfing, covering both gear and adventure related to the sport. surfersjournal.com

The Travel Almanac
The Travel Almanac calls itself “the first post-tourism publication”, writing on subjects related to travel and human mobility. With editorial outposts in both New York and Berlin, content can range from profiles to hotel reviews, or photo essays on souvenirs from abroad. travel-almanac.com

Co-founded by Simon Mottram of Rapha, Rouleur moves beyond technical jargon and race reports to explore the deeper narratives within the sport of cycling. Recent issues have covered Lance Armstrong post-controversy, and Taylor Phinney’s comeback after his nearly career-ending crash in 2014. rouleur.cc

The Happy Reader
A bookish magazine from the publishing house Penguin Classics, The Happy Reader is a two-part publication, each issue featuring just one long-form interview and a book critique. In its first issue, Dan Stevens and Naomi Alderman talk about books and bodybuilding, while The Woman in White gets a revisit. thehappyreader.com

Created in 1952, Aperture is a publication dedicated entirely to the medium of photography, whether through the lens of art, journalism or pure hobby. aperture.org

The Great Discontent
Still in its print infancy (its first issue published in 2014), The Great Discontent is first and foremost an interview publication that explores the work of contemporary creatives — such as Sharon Van Etten — from the cultures of fashion, music and art, among others. thegreatdiscontent.com

Lucky Peach
Published by McSweeny’s Publishing, the James Beard-winning publication Lucky Peach is the brainchild of Momofuku chef David Chang and food writer Peter Meehan. With a few years under its belt, it’s seen regular, often humorous contributions from some of the most notable authorities in food, including Anthony Bourdain and Harold McGee. luckypeach.com

Wilder Quarterly
First started as a quarterly journal, Wilder Quarterly has evolved into a biannual publication, stylishly covering the natural environment through gastronomy and horticulture. Features have included profiles of chef Magnus Nilsson of Fäviken in Sweden and mushroom foraging in rural Oregon. wilderquarterly.com

A biannual publication devoted entirely to the interiors of notable personalities — examples include director Wes Anderson and Michael Stipe of the late REM — apartmento gives readers an inside glimpse of its subjects through their most intimate spaces. apartamentomagazine.com

The Plant
A hyper-focused publication on all things botany, The Plant is as appealing to the curious admirer as it is to the acute plant lover. Disparate subjects are tied together through musings on the place of plants in our everyday lives, often turning up in most unexpected of venues. Have you ever before considered the plants in David Lynch’s films? theplant.info

Published on a quarterly basis, Port is what GQ and Esquire used to be: elegant, informed and intelligently written. Based in London, the publication covers all the bases, from style and design to business and politics. port-magazine.com

Flaneur anchors its issues on different streets across the globe. The goal is to present a universal narrative through spatial “fragments” — shops, personalities, restaurants — from Berlin (where it’s based) to Montreal. flaneur-magazine.com

Honorable Mentions
The White Review, thewhitereview.bigcartel.com
The Collective Quarterly, collectivequarterly.com
Space, space-magazine.com
Paris Review, theparisreview.org
The Green Soccer Journal, thegreensoccerjournal.com

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