The Guide to Life Vol. 2 Starts Today

30 skills to help you live better, courtesy of the GP School of Proficiency.


Anyone with a question can now drown in answers. That shift has made learning less about asking the right things and more about finding the best teacher.

That’s why we challenged ourselves to get answers directly from the well of human experience for the second edition of our annual Guide to Life. Even the most noble of inquisitions seems shallow when Siri’s tasked with doing the legwork.

Just like our inaugural run, we’ll be sharing 30 skills over the next month to help you make the most of your time and live better in the process. This time we’ve added expert opinion and direction into each guide, using advice soaked up through interviews, training sessions or over a few beers.

Consider it a seminar on the wide swath of knowledge left off the books, courtesy of the GP University of Proficiency. Class starts today.

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