One Man’s Attempt to Try Dating the Old-Fashioned Way

Dating the old-fashioned way requires a quick wit, a kind smile, and the chin to accept a “no”.

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Life is a social game, yet today, personal contact is shared most commonly through virtual means. The screen of a phone, tablet or computer are the secretaries of our personal lives. Directed by Samuel Abrahams, the short documentary “Offline Dating” is a refreshing look at relationships from the outside of the virtual world, told through the story of one brave soul trying to find a date the old-fashioned way.

Leaving himself completely vulnerable, Abrahams’ friend, Tom, offers up the proposition of a date with an honest, straightforward approach. His suitors? Well, they range in variety of responses: some are quick to turn down, others ponder, while a few are willing to try. Exposing all the things we like to avoid in human interaction (vulnerability, nerves, rejection) and using only analog devices as simply the means to finding love (charm, wit, sincerity), this short film breathes hope into the idea that if you’re willing to try (and fail), your next date may be just waiting for you to say hello.

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