How to Tie a Poncho like a Gaucho

In Patagonia, we asked a local Chilean gaucho to teach us the way of the poncho.

Sung Han

Gaucho (n.) – A cowboy, often of mestizo origin, who inhabits the rural regions of Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil or Chile. He is skilled at horseback riding and wears traditional attire, including a beret and heavy wool poncho, which doubles as a saddle blanket and scarf during the winter. He is often portrayed, through both song (see: Hugo Giménez Agüero and Inti-Illimani) and written folklore, as a symbol of Patagonia.


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1. Wring poncho together like a wet towel.

2. Swing one end around right shoulder, with the other end under left arm.

3. Keep left hand in place. Wrap right end around your neck.

4.Tie both ends above your heart.

5. Drink mate, ride horse into the sunset. (Beret optional.)

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