Relish Jane Guitar

Relish, a Swiss guitar brand, has created an instrument that challenges the icons of the guitar world.


In the world of electric guitars, the classic designs of the Fender Stratocaster and the Gibson Les Paul are over a half century old, yet still remain the benchmark. Swiss brand Relish looked to change things up with the introduction of their Jane guitar — an instrument that looks like it was designed by Dieter Rams and showcases a completely unconventional construction.

The guitar’s body is a semi-hollow construction made up of an aluminum frame capped by a wood veneer on the front and back (think of it like the Danelectro guitar of the 21st century). The tone is warm and resonant, but you can still get some nice twang with the Good Tone “Vintage 59 PAF” bridge pickup.


Instead of utilizing a toggle twitch for the pickups, Relish has installed two touch sensors beneath the veneer top to activate both the neck and bridge pickups (LED lights show whether or not the pickup is active). Similarly forward-thinking, the Jane model has a back plate that is attached magnetically. This easy-access back plate makes it a breeze to swap out batteries and encourages owners to adjust the electronics freely. With a distinct, warm sound and a fresh construction, Relish’s Jane guitar matches modern design with new technology to create an instrument that’s instantly classic.


Pickups: Neck and Bridge, Swiss “Vintage 59 PAF” by Good Tone
Neck: Maple
Fretboard: Bamboo
Body: Aluminum and Cherry
Scale: 650mm
Tuners: Schaller M6 Mini
Bridge: Hipshot Hardtail

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