An Affordable, Stylish and Socially Responsible Boot

A quality boot that helps support proper work environments and sustainable wages for workers in Ethiopia.


The sad truth about some affordable clothing is that it comes from poorly monitored, dubiously run factories overseas. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There is good that can come from a healthy relationship between company and overseas factory, and Canadian shoe company Oliberté is proof of concept. The company is certified as a “B Corp” to ensure that it provides the best possible work environment for its employees at its Addis Ababa factory in Ethiopia, and also promotes sustainable commerce in the area. Those efforts have been celebrated, as Oliberté is the first and only shoe manufacturer to be Fair Trade Certified by Fair Trade USA.

Olberté’s Ngola Boot is made by the company’s skilled artisans at the Addis Ababa factory and feature a premium pull-up leather upper, with a goat-leather lining for comfort. In keeping with Oliberté’s socially responsible practices, the sole is made from durable, recycled rubber, and the upper and the sole are then stitched together using a traditional African stitch-down technique.

The company stands behind its products with a lifetime warranty, so you can be sure that in addition to its Fair Trade status, the Ngola Boot is intended to last, too. When considering the corporate practices, quality of materials, shoe-construction practices and lifetime support, the sub-$200 price tag makes the Ngola an absolute steal.

Buy Now: $170

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