Wipebook Pro Is the Whiteboard You Can Bring With You

The Wipebook Pro condenses all the benefits of a whiteboard into a portable, leather bound notebook.



When in the business of creating things, one of the most important assets is blank space on which to draft and brainstorm. So it’s no mistake that, in many creative office spaces, “whiteboarding” is used as a verb. Whiteboarding happens in the crucial ideation phase of a project and, yes, it often takes place on whiteboards — in fact it’s not uncommon to find whole walls covered in the erasable white stuff. But when the best means of ideation creation needs to travel, what to do? Use paper and a pencil? Never.

Wipebook is a Kickstarter success founded by a group of engineers who developed a product that brings all the benefits of a whiteboard into the realm of portability and practicality. The Wipebook is a multi-paged, notebook-sized whiteboard, capable of preserving your notes and ideas until you choose to erase them from the Hypergloss pages.


The newly released Wipebook Pro series is the company’s latest model, developed after processing extensive consumer feedback from the brand’s first few renditions. Shooting for both beauty and function, the 5.8 by 8.25 inch Wipebook Pro features 20 erasable pages between tanned faux leather covers with an integrated pen holder and a brass wire-o binding that allows it to lay flat. Plus, when framed within the black inside covers, each page of the Wipebook Pro is optimized for digitized scanning into your productivity app of choice (Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc).

A whiteboard emphasizes flexibility, exploration and, more importantly, time spent severed from a cursor and creating by hand. In an interview with The New York Times, Stanislas Dehaene, a psychologist at the Collège de France in Paris described the benefits of working by hand: “There is a core recognition of the gesture in the written word, a sort of recognition by mental simulation in your brain…learning is made easier.” The whiteboard is crucial to creators, and accessing and traveling with a whiteboard just became easier with the Wipebook Pro.

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