Super Mario Bros. Crossover

Best Game Ever?


In summary, Super Mario Bros. Crossover amounts to the sleeper video game hit of the year or depending on your age: best video game mash-up tribute of the decade. Super Mario Bros. Crossover mixes classic NES game characters Mega Man, Samus, Link, Bill R. from Contra, and Simon from Castlevania, and Mario into the original Super Mario Bros. world. No, this isn’t just simple pixel swapping. The game’s creator (Jay Pavlina of Exploding Rabbit) went through the painstaking year-long process of providing each character with their original mechanics to bring us this mesmerizing 8-bit homage. Jumping dynamics, special-skills, graphics, sound effects, music, and even weapons have been ported over. Our heads nearly exploded with delight the moment we selected Mega Man, upgraded our weapon with a mushroom, then shot a koomba. And yes, you can even play it with a gamepad.

Genius? We think so. Are we playing it right now instead of writing more articles? Absolutely. Hit the jump to play.

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