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Grand Theft Auto IV – Special Edition

Prepare for mayhem. Prepare for carnage.


Prepare for mayhem. Prepare for carnage. Prepare for your productivity / friends / girlfriends / spouses to disappear. Grand Theft Auto IV is about to land and with it, millions of women and man hours of labor will cease to exist as men bunker down with their plasmas and respective game systems, diving into GTA IV with nary a care in the world as they satiate their criminal druthers in Liberty City, not so loosely based on New York.

This year, GTA IV will launch on the Playstation 3 and for the first time, the Xbox 360.

What this means to you: This is one of the very things pre-nups are designed for.

Cost: Special Edition Pre-order $90 @ Game Stop for PS3 or Xbox 360

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