Gear Junkie | Treasure Hunt Roanoke

Good Gear Hunting


Fancy yourself a good navigator? Want some free gear? Well, if you’re going to be in the Roanoke, Virginia area on July 11th, you can run around the woods collecting points toward $40,000 in outdoor loot. Our friends over at Gear Junkie are putting on an adventure race in the wilds around Roanoke. If you’ve never done an adventure race, the premise is simple – it’s all about collecting checkpoints. The trick is, they’re marked on a topographical map and you’re on your own to find them, sometimes on foot, often on bikes, maybe in a kayak… more about navigating and thinking clearly on the run than it is about fitness. Pile up the points, pile up the gear. And the list of gear is impressive, with vaunted names like Wenger, Gerber, Thule, Suunto and Kona among many more.

Sign up soon though, entries are limited to only 300. $25 registration fee.

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