Tough Guy Competition

World's Safest Most Dangerous Endurance Competition


A man’s life is a series of challenges. Some challenges are tough. Others, not so much. Both come by choice or by fate. Men of mettle will undoubtedly choose to partake in certain competitions (triathlons, marathons, trails of Appalachia or the Rockies) which are all fine and good, but sometimes men just want to be a part of something that’s “physically challenging, mentally demanding, fear inducing, and visually spectacular.”

If that sir is you, then it’s time you sign up for next year’s Tough Guy Competition. Touted as the “worlds safest most dangerous taste of mental physical pain endurance toughest events,” the Tough Guy Competition (hosted in England) is an individual or team event that seemingly separates the regular men from the stupid men men of legends.

Rather than bore you with words, we’ve included a YouTube introduction video from the organizers of the Tough Guy Competition themselves (one in a series of videos aptly named ToughTube) after the jump.


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