Flight 001 F1 Go Clean Travel Bag Set

Tame Your Packing Mess


Packing before a trip tends to be easier because everything that goes into your luggage is “supposedly” clean. Once you’ve worn everything on a week-long vacation though is when things get tricky. The shoes you took to the beach still have grains of sand clinging for dear life and your t-shirts all reek of sunscreen and booze — or maybe just sunscreen. As Cool Hunting points out, Flight 001’s F1 Go Clean Set ($55) helps your dirty stuff play nicely (bubble boy style) in your suit case with the rest of your gear. Each kit comes with a laundry bag, two shoe bags, and 1 stuff sack. Wet Suit Bags ($18) are also available in case evening hot tub sessions have you dashing to the airport with minimal drying time. All of the bags are made from treated fabric that holds dirt and grime inside to keep your suitcase clean and organized. Are they slightly dweeby? Yes. But you wouldn’t want TSA officials thinking you’re a slob now would you?

Buy Now: $55

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