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Cult Movie Quote Book

Because Somebody Already Probably Said It Best

Cult movie Quote Book

Feeling like your title as resident movie expert is in doubt? Then a quick read through a copy of the Cult Movie Quote Book ($10) should help you set the record straight. Filled with quotes from must see films like Easy Rider, Taxi Driver, Alfie, and the original Italian Job, it’s a perfect gift for movie lovers or trivia addicts. Thanks to its Mad Men meets Tarantino inspired cover, it’ll also look good perched on a shelf or coffee table. Since lines may not always be enough to prove your knowledge, the book also includes key details about each film mentioned including its release date and the names of major cast members, the director, and screen writer. Remember though that with great power comes great responsibility, so don’t let us catch you in a black turtle neck spouting off movie dribble a la James Lipton.

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