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Essential Gear for a Weekend off the Grid

Hyperconnectivity can take its toll on your body and your mind. Take some time to disconnect and reset.

Chase Pellerin


Technology, for all its blessings, has its ways of messing with your body and mind. Your smartphone is ruining your sleep. Staring at screens can cause blurry vision and headaches. Overexposure to tech can exacerbate anxiety.

It’d be naïve to suggest disconnecting entirely is a viable option, but do yourself a favor and put away your computer, your smartphone and your other devices for a few days. Spend a weekend removed from technology and instead enjoy the outdoors. Go for a hike, and instead of posting to Instagram, write down what you see and how you feel. Take note of what’s around you and return in a few days, refreshed with a new perspective and appreciation for life.

Tanner Goods Memori Pen $65
An everyday object made better with a little attention paid to design and materials. Tanner Goods’ Memori Pen is made from brass, which will age nicely with use over time.

Salt Optics Murdock $340
Salt Optic’s handsome Murdock eye glasses are made from acetate in Japan, and look stunning finished in earthy “Matte Sienna Tea.” Perfect for outdoor journaling.

Delfonics Quitterie Notebook Cover $20
Just like a good pen, a high-quality notebook makes the writing experience even better. Delfonic’s Quitterie notebook cover is made in Japan, and has a soft, durable feel, along with a pen holder and interior pockets for additional notes.

Aether Ion Jacket $350
In the shape of a classic bomber but insulated with 800-fill goose down, the Aether Ion is a great middle ground between a bulky winter coat and a lighter, casual fall jacket. Few jackets would be as appropriate for spending the last days of fall outside.

J.Crew Leather Cardholder $65
Off the grid or no, it’s always good to have the essentials on hand. And what better way to assure that you’re keeping the essentials that are actually essential than to downsize and minimize that little bit of leather that holds your cash and cards?


Oris Divers Sixty-Five $1,990
With a 42mm case, bubble-curved sapphire crystal, rustic leather strap and a retro-inspired dial, the Oris Divers Sixty-Five was inspired by the original Oris Dive watch produced in the ‘60s. Though it harkens back to a time long before ours, its modernized 100-meter depth rating and reliable self-winding mechanical movement make it ideal for everyday wear.


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