Evil Bikes The Wreckoning

Evil Bikes, the black sheep of the mountain-bike world, designed the perfect long-travel 29’er.


The mountain-bike world has seen long-travel, 29-inch-wheel bikes trend upward over the past year, but each release has been flawed. Many of these new bikes aren’t nearly nimble enough in the corners. They are too tall and sluggish, with geometries that cannot accommodate for the longer suspension travel. The Evil Wreckoning, built by the mad genius Kevin Walsh in Seattle, Washington, leaps over each of these pitfalls. A bit of a Frankenstein bike on paper (with 161mm of Dave Weagle designed-suspension), the Wreckoning rides like anything but. It has one of the best rear suspension linkages on the market, giving it the ability to soak up bumps large and small, while still pedaling uphill efficiently. It’s the perfect long-travel 29’er.

$2,899 (frame only)
Wheel Size: 29 inches
Frame: carbon — stiff DH layup
Rear Shock: Rock Shox Vivid Air 8.5 x 2.5 in ML Tune

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