LINE Pescado

Inspired by surf shapes, professional skier Eric Pollard spent years developing the first powder-dedicated swallowtail ski.


Not every cast hooks a fish, but after years of development professional skier Eric Pollard has finally landed the Pescado. Developed with LINE Skis, the dedicated powder skis are built for deep snow. The guts consist of Partly Cloudy Paulownia wood, held together in a sandwich construction with bamboo sidewalls. Early rise in the tip and tail make for extra loft in the fluff without having to sit back too much. Why swallowtails? They extend the effective edge of the ski without increasing tail rigidity, allowing for smooth transitions in and out of turns and stability in deep snow. If that doesn’t bait your interest then take a peek at the fish scale graphic on the bases.

Buy Now: $900

Length: 180cm
Tip/Waist/Tail Dimensions: 158 / 125 / 147mm
Turn Radius 19 meters
Weight: 1950 g/ski

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