Hexoskin Shirt

“Wearables,” taken to a whole new level.


There is a truly staggering amount of fitness trackers to choose from. Some have capabilities that others do not among the common options: heart rate, blood pressure, sleep monitoring and so on. But the majority of fitness trackers are worn either on the wrist or around the chest — not ideal for many runners and gym-goers, who don’t want to be encumbered by clunky plastic bands and chaffing elastic straps.

The alternative is Hexoskin, an athletic shirt with fitness-tracking technology woven in. Several sensors placed comfortably throughout the shirt measure heart rate, breathing, steps, pace, calories burned and sleep habits; a companion app, paired with your phone via Bluetooth, puts the data at your fingertips. The shirt is machine-washable, and the slim rechargeable battery can stand 14+ hours of intense use. All you need to do is slip it on and get to work.

Buy Now: $399

Battery Life: 14 hours in recording mode, 400 hours in sleep mode
USB Charge Time: 90 minutes
Memory Capacity: 1GB (157 hours of data)
Cardiac Sensor: ECG (electrocardiography, 1 channel, 256Hz)
Breathing Sensor: 2 channels, 128Hz

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