About Issue Sixteen

In magazine-making, summer previews are all about sharing ideas and products to help you make the most of warm weather pursuits. But after a year like no other, we’ve instilled something else into ours: motivation. If you’re itching to look at the world beyond the screen, check out “How to Pack for a Microadventure,” a collection of buyer’s blueprints for near-home pursuits. Or join us in Japan for an exclusive look behind the scenes with Tommy O’Gara, an expat Nebraskan who has spent the past 40 years of his life crafting a reputation as one of the most inspired designers in eyewear. Speaking of inspiration, we also take a timely look at the people and brands paving new roads in the cycling world. Our story “Cycle of Change” goes inside the burgeoning movement to make the sport more diverse. It’s gear. It’s inclusive. And it’s refreshingly colorful. It all comes together for the latest installment of Gear Patrol Magazine, our premium, award-winning journal printed right here in the USA.

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