Don’t Overpay for Contact Lenses; There Is a Better Way

Daily contacts for only $30 a month.


Sick of overpaying for contact lenses? Hubble is here to help! By selling direct, Hubble delivers daily lenses straight to your doorstep for only $30 a month ($3 shipping and handling) — way less than the leading brands out there.

Hubble contact lenses are approved by the FDA and designed for all-day comfort. With Hubble, you’re able to change your contacts on a daily basis, without the added stress of running out of lenses (and potentially over-wearing used lenses until you can get new ones). It’s not just a more affordable option; it’s also much healthier for your eyes.

Hubble recently expanded their range of lens powers to -0.50 through -12.00 and just added positive powers ranging from +0.50 to +5.50. Now even more contact lens wearers can see clearly without having to pay more for heavier prescriptions. If you’re in need of an updated prescription, Hubble will set you up with an optometrist in your area for an eye exam before you place an order. And, better yet, Hubble will send you your first two weeks of lenses for free!

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