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Penguin Classics Library Complete Collection: 1000 of the Greatest Classics

Care for some light reading?


Bring home half a century worth of literary treasures with the Penguin Classics Complete Library ($13,400). Originally released in 2005, the trove of books has evolved to include 1,082 titles (the image above includes some of our personal favorites), which accounts for nearly half a million pages worth of reading. Weighing in at 700 spine crushing pounds, the books would span 52 miles if laid end-to-end or stack to nearly the height of the Empire State Building. Enjoy Charles Dickens? Good thing 19 titles are accounted for. Shakespeare fan? No problem, 47 titles are included. Prefer to tuck into some Steinbeck? The set includes 23 choices. The only challenge, besides deciphering Crime & Punishment, is finding a worthy bookcase to store your new library.

Buy Now: $13,400

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