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Find Uncomplicated Comfort with Brooklinen Sheets

Cooler, softer and smoother.


A trip down the bedding aisle at any department store will bombard you with choices — high or low thread count, percale or sateen cotton, linen or jersey. But you’re only after one thing, right? Comfort. And you shouldn’t need a textile encyclopedia to find it. Enter Rich and Vicki Fulop, the team behind Brooklinen: it’s a direct-to-consumer bedding brand that promises comfort at a spot-on price. They’ve done the heavy lifting sorting through all of the confusing terms for you, boiling down different thread counts, cottons, and weaves into two simple categories that deliver ultimate comfort: Classic and Luxe. But if you’re not into blind trust, you could also read through all of Brooklinen’s positive reviews.

The Classic line is a lightweight, percale weave: cool, crisp and breathable, while the Luxe line is a bit more — well, luxe: a supple sateen that’s even softer and smoother than the Classic. Both collections come in a few key neutral colorways (Windowpane and Smoke are particular favorites) so choosing a set is easy, and a surefire style upgrade for your home.

So what makes Brooklinen’s sheets feel so good? They’re made of only long-staple cotton (which makes for a substantially softer and more durable sheet) in a single-ply, 480-thread count. The unique cotton and single-ply weaving technique allows them to create very fine and strong threads (imagine a fine suit vs. a burlap sack), which result in the superior sheets. The Luxe Hardcore Bundle is the full experience (that’s a total of seven pieces: sheet set, duvet cover and extra pillowcases), but at a 25% savings compared to buying each item separately. If savings don’t make you sleep better, what will?

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