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Essential Gear for Chasing the Total Solar Eclipse

Make sure you’re prepared for all conditions.


Eclipse-chasing necessitates that you’re ready for anything. While the allure of the greatest natural phenomenon visible on earth will make every ounce of effort you expend seeing it more than worthwhile, the adventure will also require your willingness to improvise and endure some inconvenience. You may be in super remote areas. You might lose contact with people if the cell network crashes. You might end up improvising your sleeping conditions. There’s still time to plan a last-minute trip; this is the gear you’ll definitely want handy.

REI Co-op Quarter Dome Air Hammock

Hotels along the eclipse path have been booked for years; camp sites are few and far between. But don’t just crash in your car — find two trees and string up REI’s new bug-proof hammock. It’s lightweight, comes with a rainfly, and will tuck neatly into any bag. Its genius cinching system makes setup and adjustment a snap, and it’s super-easy to get into, as well.

Buy Now: $219

YETI Hopper 18 Cooler

Excepted traffic along the eclipse route is expected to be brutal. Keep drinks, food, and snacks nicely chilled, clips on the outside will hold bottle openers and the like and it’s also completely leak proof — even at the zipper.

Buy Now: $300

Voormi Eleven.9 Hoodie

Temperatures can drop 20 degrees or more over the course of an eclipse (you know, moon blotting out the sun and all). Voormi has innovated heavily with its wool selection and preparation, creating fabrics that are multi-use, multi-temperature, wicking and, just in case the heavens open up before or after eclipse time, fully water repellent, too.

Buy Now: $149

Barebones Forest Lantern

It’ll go dark in the daytime on Monday, but you’ll need light at night. This new lantern will run for up to 80 hours on one battery charge, and it’ll charge your phone too.

Buy Now: $50

Motorola Talkabout T480

If cell service vanishes in remote areas, stay in touch with your travel companions up to 35 miles away. These weatherproof two-way walkie-talkies can run off rechargeable or replaceable batteries, include built-in LED flashlights and FM radios and have access to weather alerts. Great for eclipses, or apocalypses.

Buy Now: $43 Each

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